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Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Sun Apr 29, 2012 10:35 pm

Student Application

General Information
Name: Kasabana Taiyou
Nickname: Kasi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Grade: Sophomore
Power: Is a Demon

Power Information
Power Description: Though she isn't very aware of it, Kasi is actually a demon. If she is able to figure out how to release her seal she will be able to turn into her demon form, but is new to everything. She believes she's a human, so using her power confuses and embarrasses her a little. If she only releases her seal a little then she can decide to change different specific parts of her body to their demonic form. In this demonic form she has a third eye that can see in the dark, pitch black skin, long claws in place of fingers and a single bat-like wing on her back.
Seal: A large titanium scythe she keeps on her back.
Drawbacks: She feels fatigue in her human form and has extreme motor skill problems due to her lack of knuckles in her demon form, but is often discriminated against in her demon form.

Hair: Blonde, to her waist. Demonic form is black.
Eyes: Blue. Demonic form is red, along with a third one.
Height: 4'11"
Skin Tone: Creamy. Demonic form is pitch black.
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Description She is fairly shy and doesn't like people very much. She isn't sure if she's able to trust anyone. She feels horribly insecure about her power and thinks it makes her look ugly. If by herself she likes to get a little deviant, but will turn quiet when another person walks by. She is fine with animals and prefers to keep them as company over people.
Flaws Insecure, quiet.
Likes Animals, water, bright area.
Dislikes People, crowds, and, to top it off, social situations.

Family/ Relatives: Unknown
She was born in a demonic world. Everything in the world was dark and dry. Half of the world was just deserts. Nearly everybody in the world was a psychotic killer and most had supernatural powers. Her parents abandoned her, as was custom for the species. She didn't like that. She raised herself. It was a hard world to live in. She had to kill others to stay alive. She hated it. One day she heard there was a way out, to a better place. That's what she needed. She wandered, threatening others for more info of this way out. She heard it was a portal in the northern territory. It was a ways to go, but she was determined. It took a while, but she found her way. She went through the portal. Many were travelling through it. She found a way in.

She was blinded when she first found her way through. What was this place? So bright. So green. It hurt her eyes. She collapsed, trying to find a way to see. Something sharp hit her arm. She jumped away. She couldn't see in this world. She saw some shaped. There was a figure attacking her. It had a weapon. That's all she could see. It started to rush at her. She stepped to the side and stabbed her claws through it several times. It fell over. She took the weapon. She needed to use it as a walking stick or she wouldn't get anywhere. She walked away from the large group of them. She figure they landed in a forest of sorts. She found a sort of civilization. There were creatures here. She didn't know what they were like. She hated not being able to see. Once it became night, though, she could see a bit, but the creatures here set up totems that blinded her in some areas.

One day she decided to interrogate one of the native creatures. She kidnapped one and tried speaking to it. It simply generated a shrill noise that hurt her ears. She placed her hands on it's head to make it stop. She felt a pulse and blacked out. When she awoke, her eyes didn't hurt as much. She could see things... colors. Details. What was this? She looked at her hands. They were pink and fleshy. With strange, small, rounded appendages. No claws. So strange. Her hair was a golden color. She looked at her body. She pulled off her robe. Her entire body was pinkish and fleshy. She was feeling cold like this... She returned her robe. She didn't need this weapon as a walking stick anymore. She put it through the back of her robe and stored it there. She walked out onto the streets of this civilization. She was welcome like this...

She lived like this. She found joy in mutilating the native inhabitants here. She wondered if some of the people she hurt were the creatures from her world. That thought gave her so much satisfaction. After a while she figured out that the creatures of her world we warring with a local establishment. Well... any way to spite her people. She joined the academy that fought them. She didn't attend many classes, but she enjoyed talking with the students there. A couple were creatures from her world, but she didn't hurt them. She met a man from this world. She befriended him... He gave a scythe as a present. She didn't know what to do with the both of them, but she thanked him. He said he loved her... Their relationship had became too much. She was feeling too uncomfortable with how much damage her specie was doing to the school. She left.

She lived at the nearby lake, but instead of hurting people that came by, she simply hid. She didn't want to be discovered by anyone. She wanted to live in peace until she could find out how to become a normal human. One day a surge ran through her. Her head was aching. After a couple minutes of it, she passed out.

She woke up with no memory anything. She looked at herself. Huh... in her pocket was an ID from a school. Her name was Kasabana Taiyou. Interesting. On her back was a large steel scythe. She needed to figure something out. She made her way to the school. She wasn't told much information. She guessed she was a new student... She slowly discovered she could change into another form. It was so grotesque, though. Well... she may as well begin her life here, she supposed.

RP Sample:
She stood there, licking the blood that sprayed onto her lips, off. Her grin was huge. The dead bodies around her made her smile. "Aww, nobody left to play...?" THUD! She heard a sound come from a closet behind her. She licked her lips again and turned, walking to the closet, her head slightly cocked. "So, is there still somebody to play with me?" She approached the closet. Thoughts started to run through her head. If she opened the door by hand, it would leave her open for attack, and wouldn't look as good. If she kicked the door in, she might injure whatever's inside, too early. Oh, the perfect idea. She raised her scythe and sliced the hinges off the door. She lightly kicked the bottom, causing it to fall her way. It sliced in half with ease. Her hands threw the pieces to the sides. Inside she could see a trembling, crying little boy. Her head cocked the other way and her grin grew. She got to her knees and looked at the boy backing up into the wall. "Now, aren't you a cute one?" Her finger reached over and lightly lifted the boy's chin as she stared into his eyes, filled with fear. "Now wouldn't it be great if you could grow up to be me? Just look at the wonders, being able to kill all these people without even caring, hahahah!" Her head neared the boy's. Their foreheads touched. "Wouldn't it be great?" She whispered. Her grin sank into anger. "Of course not!" She stood and turned at the same time, smashing the butt of her scythe back, straight into the boy's head, killing him. "Ahh, what fun..." Her grin came back. Something sounded above her. The door to the attic. Only one more person lived in this household... the daughter. She licked her lips again. The pole of her scythe yanked the door out of place. Something started to fall through. She sliced back and forth several times, stopping once the mass hit the ground. Her finger pointed at the mass, counting something. "Heh, thirteen pieces before it hit the ground, new record." With the entire household dead, she placed her scythe on her back and started to walk out. The blonde hair swayed as she reached the door. As she exited, she closed the door and took her scythe back out slashing something onto the door, she smiled and walked to the road, following it back to her house. On the door there was engraved, a single word: "Reaped".
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Approved. If anyone says otherwise, bring it up with me.
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