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Muto, Karasu (Completed!) Empty Muto, Karasu (Completed!)

Post by Azamuki 2.0 on Sat Sep 01, 2012 9:59 pm

Student Application

General Information
Name: Muto, Karasu
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Grade: Junior
Power: Mnemokinesis (Memory Manipulation)

Power Information
Power Description: One can control as well as modify, fabricate, suppress, influence, repair, restore, erase, detect, and view mental memories. The user can change memories to confuse, wipe away certain memories to cause amnesia, discern and provoke nostalgia, and enter the victim into a psychic vision replaying the memory. The user may affect their own memories selectively forgetting as they see fit. Karasu can subtly view mental memories with simple eye contact. If Karasu's mnemokinesis is unsealed, he is capable of manipulating the memories of up to five people within a 15m radius, by entrapping them within a psychic memory and manipulating their memories for as long as they are trapped without the need of physical contact.
Seal: His eyeglasses.
Drawbacks: In order to actively achieve an effect on another person, aside from simply viewing memories, he must lay his hand on someone’s forehead or any part of their head. If his mnemokinesis is unsealed, and those targeted are trapped within it successfully, Karasu must remain still while he manipulates their memories in whatever manner he sees fit.

Hair: Black
Eyes: Onyx
Height: 5’10”
Skin Tone: Creamy
Other: n/a
Muto, Karasu (Completed!) Karasu10

Description Being the grandson of the Headmaster, Karasu is well aware of his role within the University. He has always felt as though his will was not his own, but the Headmaster’s. Being that he was tasked with one thing, unconditionally… He finds himself pitying his classmates, who aren’t even aware of the dangers of acquainting themselves with him, or even being close enough to him. Despite this, he is a stoic if not aloof young man that rarely gets attached to anyone. In combat he is practical and analytical, which is also largely reflected in his methodology altogether. He is a stalwart student, and even though many if not all of the students are unaware of his relationship to the Headmaster; he is treated prudently, almost like a Prince of some kind.
Flaws Though Karasu would never admit it himself, he is somewhat envious of those who can freely enjoy their lives, largely unaware of their delicate condition, and the dangers that lie ahead for them as Meta-Humans.
Likes Spicy foods, Martial Arts, Reading, Writing, Chess, Philosophy.
Dislikes Sweet foods, Gambling, Drugs.

Family/ Relatives: Headmaster: The mysterious Headmaster is Karasu’s grandparent, Karasu and the Headmaster have worked closely for a very long time; especially when Karasu’s powers manifested. He serves as the University's memory-wiper, under the command of the Headmaster.
Karasu was born in the Iwate Prefecture of Japan. His direct family owned a luxurious mansion. The individual, who has always been the Headmaster of Darks University, would often visit their mansion, though the Headmaster was always a mystery, even to his children, and their children after them. When he was a child, he went to the finest Academies in the region. There he learned fencing, kenjutsu and other skills taught to the privileged aristocracy of Japan. He was always very friendly, and considerate of his peers, though, never allowing for his family’s wealth to get to his head. It wasn’t until he became twelve years old that he really caught the Headmaster’s attention. When he reached the age of twelve, the Headmaster began spending more time with him, offering new ways to utilize his abilities. It was clear to Karasu that the Headmaster had an agenda of his own, but it was all in the grey area.
…Using his connections, the Headmaster set up Karasu with all of the best dojo and other martial arts schools. He was turning his grandson into a deadly killing machine. Throughout his various travels he became adept in Eskrima, Taijiquan, Karate, Judo and more especially, the secret arts of Ninjutsu. The Headmaster knew of the limits of Karasu’s abilities, and knew that he’d have to learn to successfully make his way to an opponent, without doing too much damage to himself in combat.

One night, due to his frequently strange behavior, a couple of his friends followed him to an abandoned warehouse. He was going there to report his progress to the Headmaster, and even using his ability on the Headmaster to show that he’s getting a lot better at doing what he does. His two friends spotted him, and they realized then that something beyond the norm was being used on his grandparent. Karasu turned worriedly, knowing full well what he’d be asked to do. The Headmaster ordered him to erase their memory of this event, and he did as he was told. Actively hunting his own friends, and using his abilities on them. With one he succeeded but with the other, he had deleted too many memories by accident, causing serious amnesia.

With his friend now in the hospital due to a suspected head injury, Karasu returned to his family’s mansion. His mother offered him to confide in her, and so he did. The moment the Headmaster discovered that he had shared their secret with his mother, he asked him to do the unthinkable… Wipe his own mother’s memory clean. He had told her too much, and the Headmaster didn’t want to jeopardize whatever it is he had planned for the University. Karasu did so, and his mother forgot more than he bargained for. At this point his gift had become a curse. He ended up leaving home, and for a couple of years, he aided his sensei wherever and whenever they needed him, in exchange for room and board. When he became fourteen years old, the Headmaster approached him and offered him a place in Darks University, as well as proposed an arrangement. He was forever tasked with the memory-erasure of any and all, who exposed not only their secrets but the other students’ as well, and any civilians or government officials who may or may not pry too much. He agreed to do so, and has been at it for three years, perfecting his ability and using it without any remorse. His will was the will of the Headmaster’s; the will of Darks University.

"You know about me, my perspective and where I come from, because I have allowed you to."

~ Mugendai, Azamuki

Mugendai, Azamuki
Muto, Karasu (Completed!) Ayanami

Muto, Karasu
Muto, Karasu (Completed!) Kyoya_ootori__by_mandax087-d4m2n05_zpsc04debf8By mandax087 on deviantart
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Muto, Karasu (Completed!) Empty Re: Muto, Karasu (Completed!)

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