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Post by Lady Ryusha on Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:32 pm

Student Application

General Information
Name:Ryusha Unami
Grade:11 (Junior)
Power: Interface creation

Power Information

Power Description: The power to create a personal digital interface and manipulate the data via interactions with the computer hologram. A variation of Technology Manipulation.

Users of this ability can create a digital archive in their surroundings.

Computer hacking
Uses like a normal computer
Can access the internet
Can access and store vast amounts of information
Can develop cyber mind or telepathy
Can create protective shields or "fire walls" within 50 feet of the user- Creates a straight wall of data, used to block the entry or passing of someone or something. Appears as opaque zero's and ones. It is unable to affect the passsing of other energy (Such as powers), it only stops the person. It can only be kept up for 10 minutes (5 user-made posts). and has a height of 20 feet.
Can download data to a person's mind
Can store and play videos and images
Can install programs and games like a normal computer
Data energy constructs - Able to create viruses to send to specific locations (Computer wise) to damage it's intended target. To do everything from steal personal data on the computer, to destroying the computer itself and make it unuseable.
• Start a conversation between persons in any place.
• Open a telepathic channel to many people.
• Open a telepathic channel to track someone down.

• Limited to certain ranges- in this case, the other person must be within the same city.(About 200 km)
• Low-Level users may only work at one target at a time.
• Cannot read minds or execute any action with the normal telepathic ability; only dialogue is possible.

Technopathy: Via data manipulation of the machines.
Cyber avatar: Creates an avatar to interact with the digital world.
Super computer level archive: Store massive amounts of information.
Fusion: Fuse with the data to obtain a digital form and digital evolution.
Infinite supply of HD space.

Requires computer knowledge to use.
Like a normal computer, a computer virus may be a problem.

Seal: None needed
Drawbacks: Downloading too much data or using too much, can cause large long lasting migranes.
May lose track of time easily

Hair: Black
Eyes: Ever changing between red, green, blue, and black.
Height: 5’6
Skin Tone: very pale
Other:extremely sharp teeth, like a canine.
Picture: Ryusha Unami 5D338DC8-orig

Description Ryusha is a very serious, person and lacks most regular human emotions. She is usually seen staring at the holographic screen created by her power, downloading information. This also makes her extremely intelligent. Her family believes this is why she is mostly emotionless, is because she knows so much. She would be a perfect accountant or secretary. But she could never be a boss, due to her lack of care for the concerns of others. She sometimes has a god complex, and outsmarts those who challenge her. Her big secret is that she can be very perverted. She is a virgin, but in private could be found ‘enjoying’ herself as she watches a certain type of movie. She hates violence more then anything, and usually tries to avoid it at all costs.
Flaws God complex. For the most part, emotionless. Perverted.
Likes Computers and other technology. Adult ‘entertainment’. Movies.
Dislikes Stupid ignorant people. Uncultured society. Violence.

Family/ Relatives:A father, One sibling, and a cousin (Who’s parents were killed)
Ryusha grew up like any normal child and had a very boring life. She made friends extremely easily and had a few relationships with boys until she was eleven. But one day in class she was asked to do a rather difficult question, where she only knew part of the answer. But as she squirmed, she searched her mind for the answer. It was at that moment that there was a ding that rang through the classroom. Everyone looked around and wondered where it came from. When Ryusha opened her eyes, the holographic screen popped into the air, and a green bar seemed to be loading something. Her own computer was powering up for the first time. It made another loud ding and a blank screen appeared. She screamed when her name was said. And she ran out of the room, followed by the holographic screen. When she got home, she ran to her room, and cowered on her bed staring at the desktop of it. When she reached out, the keyboard appeared. And she learned a little more about it. She could browse the web freely, and she found that when she downloaded something, there was a tingling in the back of her neck and she only had to think it, for it to appear on the screen in front of her. It was then on that she used her power all the time.

Years went by and she became more emotionless. She was always using her ability. Downloading more and more information, becoming vastly more intelligent. Then one day she realized she was being followed. She didn’t know why, but she was. And soon she found out. The general public didn’t really know about the powers. Somebody had to follow her to erase the minds of whoever saw her using it. When they approached her, they told her about a school for special people. She couldn’t find it anywhere when it came to looking for it. Her thirst for knowledge made her accept. And she packed her bags, said goodbye to her parents, and left to begin a life in this new school.

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