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Post by Caroline♥ on Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:56 pm

Student Application

General Information
Name: Caroline Bell
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Grade: Senior
Power: Vector Manipulation

Power Information
Power Description: The user can control the motion and direction of an object and manipulate the magnitude of the vector values. User cause stagnant and unmoving objects to travel in a controlled direction regardless of the users physical strength or speed. Moving objects can too be redirected, essentially creating a 'Ultimate Defense' that prevents any physical energy or matter from coming into contact with the user.
Seal: A vintage ring
Caroline Bell - Done Ring10
- Attacks from different dimensions can bypass the 'Ultimate Defense'
- If the user's ability is automatic and is set on deflecting all strikes at all times, the opponent can take advantage by attacking, and then quickly pulling away just before contact. This will have the 'reverse vector' to reverse the pulling away, allowing the opponent to punch the user, which in fact can increase the power of the punch, thus bypassing the 'Ultimate Defense'.
- The powers may be involuntary active constantly
- Telekinetics of a higher level than the user may have their powers bypass the 'Ultimate Defense' allowing them to attack the user.
- Users may be limited to controlling the vectors of one situation, and therefore being distracted with one task may leave them open for an attack.

Hair: White
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 5'8"
Skin Tone: Very pale

Description Caroline is amoral and often sadistic, possessing dry, bitter, and sarcastic humor; her jokes being morbid, dark, or flat out cruel. She does like making manipulative comments and undermining people's self-esteem, but she does not openly express malice. She does present her insults as mere facts. She lies frequently, especially when it comes to her own emotional state, stating that she is feeling the exact opposite of what she is actually feeling. She attempts to play the 'innocent victim' no matter what, especially when someone talks back to her.
Flaws When someone outsmarts her she has the bad habit of wanting revenge and will do whatever it takes to have it.
Likes Manipulating and frightening others.
Dislikes People who try to stop her from doing what she does.

Family/ Relatives: Mother: Mona Lacount-Bell (Bell being her maiden name)
Father: Iain Lacount
Younger Brothers: Ethan, Neil, and Alvin (all different ages)
History: For as long as her family could remember, every female born on the family's 9th generation has some sort of power, whether it is telekinesis or plant manipulation. Around their 13th birthday they powers begin to show, that is when they inherit the ring embed with the energies of each ancestor it has been handed down to. So, on Caroline's 13th birthday her mother, on behalf of their many ancestors, handed the ring to Caroline. Of their family, Caroline was the first born, and like their families before them she was the only girl, before and after the age of 6 her parents wanted more children, hoping for another girl, but ended up with three boys.
Caroline's cruel personality developed with her brothers and grew onwards and outwards after a few failed friendships and disagreements with her parents. She manipulates her parents now by making them regret their choices of having more children, this reflected in her brothers' behaviors. Ethan became a mute (the doctors say that it's because he's blaming himself which Caroline totally agrees with), Neil spent all of his time in his room focusing his time on daydreams and imaginary stuff where he doesn't live the life he is, and Alvin... well Alvin isn't 100% sure of what's going on aside from the fact that Caroline is mean.
Aside from her family, Caroline continued a normal spoiled life filled with threats and lies... and school of course, she enrolled in Darks.

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