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Post by Prince of the Pages on Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:21 pm

Student Application

General Information
Name:Demetrius 'Link' Leone
Power: Creation

Power Information
Power Description: Whatever he draws in his sketch book or on a surface can be used as a weapon or used. For example he can draw a door on a wall, and by pouring energy into it, it would open up on the other side. He can create swords, crossbows, animals, etc. But only to the limit of the drawings size .
Seal:tattoo on his back
Drawbacks: The bigger the item the more energy it takes to bring it out to reality

Eyes:Emerald Green
Skin Tone:Olive tone
Other:Multiple Tattoos, and three scars on both arms, wears mostly all black clothes, this includes a black hoodies with a skull holding dice in it's mouth, a set of black converse', a dark red shirt, black jeans, and two rings on his left hand, one silver (ring finger), the other is tinted black (middle finger).
Demetrius Leone [Done] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSshA6r8wtI2soaYxvVuRsDGM6OLoGuIMtXr_ioOrmD_2HuX5Hc

Seal Tatoo:Demetrius Leone [Done] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQgy6DxcJ3I0LpfCAQMuCG4cotfgyGj85l2oDtbXPddqDv4Zu1T Demetrius Leone [Done] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSw77J9Ilkg-5dHTakqN_w3Lyg7dXVAVzXeJwrU65_XhD6cS4eq7w
Demetrius Leone [Done] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRagAHCwXC2Oycety8IJxOUVUNde6_JXBxRXz4QkktRlEbiDWNq

Description: A quiet boy that hates crowds of people, and doesn't interact with someone unless he finds it unavoidable or if he has to. Demetrius is emotional impaired for the most part and doesn't enjoy talking about his past until you earn his trust.He hates bullies and people that get off on hurting people, he makes sure to intervene.He's a good friend once he learns how to tolerate a persons touch.Demetrius is not used to people trying to joke with him and takes people seriously. Despite all his social problems he's secretly a poet and loves music as well as his artistic ability. His lack of social skills are mostly from his life back home, people liked to bully, torment, and beat on him daily. All because of his fathers family history of using their powers to benefit themselves and torture people. Now he was finally enrolled into Darks, to escape the streets and pain of Transylvania.
Flaws: He's a loner and can easily be tricked into fighting if pushed to his emotional limit
Likes: Music, Drawing,and examining the behavior of people
Dislikes: Large Crowds, Talking to new people, and bullies

Family/ Relatives: Mother :Sarah Leone (alive) Father: Dante Leone (alive) younger half brother: Altair Seto-Leone (alive)

History: Demetrius had a very lonely life back at his home in Transylvania, in his little town where it seemed the whole world was against him and his entire family tree. His life in that town consisted of going to a school, and getting glares from kids, even the teachers sometimes. By the time he was 13, he was used to people calling him and his family 'cursed' 'godless' and even 'Demons', but that didn't hinder him much. What had a bigger impact was the jumping he got after school, during lunch, and while he was alone. They didn't want him to think he was better than them just because his father was rich, and had powers that the superstitious, paranoid, bastards could only imagine were from something evil. The constant beatings and rumor that were spread drove him to lock himself away. There up in his family manor, near the bell town, did he look down on the town. He began to question his father and mother on the matter of getting away. But he was only a boy, and he didn't even have his seal yet, letting him go off into the world, even with a person to watch over him, was a risk. 'No, No my boy, you must stay here, until your of age, then you'll be free to leave this place' His father had said.

Demetrius decided to listen and then made the mistake to go back into town, He was bombarded with rocks and glass bottles and such things. He knew he was hated by them, but growing up to this gave him a high tolerance of pain as well. So even as he was struck with stones, bloodied by broken glass, and scarred on his arms by sharp debris, he shrugged it off, and decided to start fighting back. He grabbed the nearest man and used him as a shield against the projectiles. This was pushing past his breaking point already, the abuse lasted too long, and the emotional damage took it hold, but the anger he had held in finally broke its bonds.He threw his meat shield aside and charged the line of men. some scrambled away, but it was too late for the rest, Demetrius wailed on them for a good 10 minutes each, or at least that's how long it felt, until his hands were red from breaking their noses and dislocating a few jaws. He slowed once he felt himself crying, tears of shame and anger combined, his father took him away from the scene. He took up a tattooing needle, telling him the anger he unleashed also brought out his power. So he had to put a seal on him, on his back.

At 15, He was moved into England to avoid any other conflicts with his town. He took up art but never knew off his power over his art, he just knew he made it look real enough that you could pull it from the pages. That was until he was sitting up in his apartment building, reading his acceptance letter from Darks university for the people with amazing abilities, though he didn't know what that meant truly. He was running his hand over a sketch of a violin, and felt something cool and smooth against his palm. The Artist glanced at the pad and saw his hand was actually inside the paper. He almost screamed but slowly narrowed his eyes instead. 'Is this my power?' He thought slowly closing his fingers around the neck and pulling it out. It was sleek and white, a truly beautiful instrument. He slowly rested it on his shoulder, feeling wary suddenly. Demetrius laid back on his bed and looked up at the ceiling. Tomorrow...He thought looking at the violin and the paper. 'I'll enroll to the University tomorrow'
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Lovely. Approved. ^^
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