Ginalice carnivail( finished)

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Ginalice carnivail( finished) Empty Ginalice carnivail( finished)

Post by MonsterKitty on Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:16 pm

Name:Ginalice Carnivail ( Gin-al-is. Car-na-vail)
Age: 16 (looks 12)
Gender: Female.
Grade: 11
Power: Gin has the ability to give others a seemingly realistic hallusination. She calls Dark Carnival

Power Description: Ginalice can manipulate someones hold on reality meaning she can make anything she shadows or portrays seem like reality. In most of her hallucinations she traps people in a very fearful place She calls the Dark Carnival. This carnival isn't as ordinary as it should be. This place is filled with nightmarish things and a very well defensed creature who captures anyone who was sent there and totures them. But in reality and physicallydoes no harm but temperally damages their mind of what's reality and what's an alussion.
Seal: Gins seal is an "X" in her right iris eye. It stops her powers from becommin reality.
Drawbacks: the "X" on gin's right eye (also the seal) glows stings Gins right eye causing pain and looses control of te power. Giving the oppinent time to quickly recover and strike Also. Approximently for the torturement to begin would be 2 posts after the illusion started.
Hair:Snow white
Eyes: blood red
Height: 5'1
Skin Tone: pale creamy porcline like white/warm color
Other: She's like a doll very beautiful/cute but also sad looking.
Ginalice carnivail( finished) Wallls11

Personality desc.: Ginalice's personality is quiet hidden and shy. She doesn't like or trust most normal people which is almost everyone she see's. She opens up more once you get to know her. She doesn't talk much due to past she's quite paranoid they will come back to test on her more. Sometimes she would play instruments under a tree to relax.
Flaws: paranoid.on the edge. Shy. Not easily trustee
Likes: sweets. New things. Making friends if she made any. Cute clothes. Food. Music.


Family/ Relatives: none.
History: Gin was born of a normal child until the age of 3 she was kidnapped and taken in. She was used for testing by the agency of a secret government society. She was used for expirement. Gin then was givin a gift by the other person tht was also kidnapped and experimented on. It was the powers that helped gin. She lived in the place for 13years then ran. Gin was able to control her powers at the age as she tried to hide away from them the best she could. They searched for her for a while. Then stopped but gin still thought they were after her. She ran away and hid in a abandon apartment until she stumbled into a place called darks university and made a hesitant decision to join. She received a letter back saying she was accepted and a place to stay. She smiled for the first time in a while and came to the shyly .

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Ginalice carnivail( finished) Empty Re: Ginalice carnivail( finished)

Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:36 pm

I hope her concentration to keep the illusions is easily broken, or there's some way to break out of the hold. Besides that, everything's good. Approved.
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