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Saya Yuki ( finished !!) Empty Saya Yuki ( finished !!)

Post by SayaYuki on Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:32 pm

General Information
Name:Saya Yuki
Grade: 11
Power: Winter element

Power Information
Power Description: Saya can turn mostly anything or she can create anything with snow and ice. She can also create snow and use it to make storms as well.
Seal: She has a mark on her back that looks like a tattoo of a crest
Drawbacks: She can get cold, she cant control it very well only for defenses, and she needs to drink water a lot.Her Spirit mother is with her to help her control in a white wolf form

Hair:Snow white hair
Eyes: Cyan blue eyes
Height: 5'5
Skin Tone: Pale porcelain like skin
Other: Pink baby soft lips. DD breasts.
Picture: Saya's mom in wolf form;
Saya Yuki ( finished !!) White_10

Saya; Saya Yuki ( finished !!) 79998410

Flaws: She is kinda afraid to socialize. She is sometimes shy to the point to fainting.
Likes: Sweets, nice people and cats.
Dislikes: Sour things and mean people

Family/ Relatives: Her spirit mother who took her in and gave her powers.
History: A girl born with white hair abandoned in the cold. Her striking blue eyes caught attention to a mystical spirit of the cold forest. She was raised as the daughter of winter declared by her eyes and hair. As she grew older she began to go on the outskirts and attempt to go to school.Then she was bullied and almost killled because she was different. So one day her "mother " gave her the power to make summer to winter when she pleases. She then was moved to a special school called Darks and she felt nervous. She hoped she was not going to have the same problem she did in the other school.Her spirit mother was just as nervous that she became her companion as a white wolf. Then She started school at Darks University and hoped for a good first day.

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Saya Yuki ( finished !!) Empty Re: Saya Yuki ( finished !!)

Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:34 pm

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