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Post by SayaYuki on Sat Apr 27, 2013 10:47 pm

Alright, listen up. I want to make this website live and breath again so
People are going to make O.C's and we need admins THAT ARE ACTIVE to work their asses into gear and help accept decline or make adjustments to them. We need them active and working.

2!!! We need to promote this site more add more pictures relation to the places and stuff. WE NEED MORE ACTIVE PEOPLE THAT REALLY WANT TO RP. NOT Just to sign up and not post at all :/ and we also need to suggest them to invite their role-playing buddies so they can feel comfortable.

3! Make a chat room I know we have the chat box. But get chatango and add it up also let guests chat guests so we can answer questions or anything that they don't understand. Also to socialize and invite more people.
4~I know this may not be available but if we could also add some video's I think we made one? correct? Then we need to modify and make one more exciting ! With suspenseful music and screen shots of Role-play and some more interesting stuff to catch the human eye.

5! Don't let others advertise their site because ...seriously... They will take the users and then the users will move on. SO TAKE AWAY THE ADVERTISE THING UNLESS ITS TO HELP ADVERTISE DARKS

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thanks for reading my rant on how to help rebuild and reanimate darks~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:00 am

Well, I agree with half of what you stated in number 2. I'll give my response to each of your suggestions, though. Please don't take these responses personally, it's just what I think would work best for the site:

1. More admins doesn't necessarily mean more activity, unless the admins have ridiculously different schedules or we have so many members joining that we can't handle every request. At the moment we have two admins, each that lives on a different side of the world so we can actually have admins working during many hours of the day. I'm able to be extremely active, especially during our key times of activity, during nighttime. More admins would just lower the percentage of normal users we have and, in certain cases, can be rather dangerous to the site. I keep a very specific standard to how applications are judged.

2. I definitely feel that bringing more people to the site is a great idea, but not to the point of over-crowding it. I enjoy keeping the site under 20 active members, simply because I'm able to get to know everybody on the site and there can still be somewhat constant activity. I'm not a big fan of adding pictures to the site, as it can distract from and kind of ruin the image a member might have in their head of a location. I would be fine if we were to get detailed descriptions of each place, though, something I intended from the beginning but have always been too lazy to do.

3. Our chat box is sufficient as it is. There is almost no reason for us to have a chatango, and it may even deter from our efforts. If you want the guests to join the site, why allow them to contact us without joining? If they had interest enough to go to a chat room and ask questions, there's no reason they wouldn't just sign up for the site, due to how easy it is.

4. We did make a video a couple years ago, but in my opinion it was very poor. I do not think video is the best medium for advertising a roleplay site that is nearly 100% words. Unless we have a top-notch artist/ animator on the site willing to go through the process of making a video, I don't think it would be the best idea. Showing pictures of words on a page is generally boring, and we aren't the most graphically interesting site there is.

5. I promise you, the advertising section is not taking away from our members at all. And if it is, then those members didn't want to be here and have the free will to leave. Keeping the advertising section keeps us open and friendly to other RP sites, which I do occasionally visit for recruiting or just for fun. Closing the advertising section simply because we may lose a member or two through it is a bit of a silly idea.

I hope I explained my views to you in a polite enough way. I didn't want to come off as harsh. Once again, these are just my opinions, if enough people feel strongly about any of these ideas I am completely open to debate. It doesn't take much to convince me if you have a strong argument.
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