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Post by Avian on Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:39 pm

A quick note: For those that may recognize the theme of this whole character, which should be fairly obvious; this character is mainly based off of one of the "Elemental Hero" cards seen in the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game and anime/manga series. This character is given reasons for his powers, and most importantly; I have never in my life seen anyone try to make such a character into a roleplaying character, so I wanted to try and recreate one of these Heroes, so that he's more than just a Monster Card... he's a living, breathing, human being!


Student Application

General Information
Name: Andrew Cameron
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Grade: Freshman
Power: Wind Elemental

Power Information
Power Description: Because of the powers given to him by the Emerald of Wind, he has the luxury of controlling fairly decently the wind however he pleases. Examples of his powers are creating tornadoes through the collision of wind movements, strong gusts which can be used for many purposes, and the occasional updraft to keep himself afloat whenever he finds himself merely gliding in midair. An additional perk to his power is his ability to use the feathers of his wings as spear-like projectiles, and the not-so-often occurring "Feather Break" that results through stronger than usual willpower of the user as they transform into the Wind Elemental(an explosion of conjured feathers that have a strong chance of dealing impressive damage to the surrounding area and/or living things). One final power that can only be performed when another wielder of an element is present: The act of fusing his mind, body, and soul with that of the other/s. It indefinitely requires immense amounts of power, but usually results in the combined powers of two, maybe three Elementals into one temporary but extremely powerful being! Powerful, but not invincible. They are still using intense levels of energy for their powers, and is very dangerous for the fusion of Elementals to last for extended periods of time. Anyone who wields an element(water, fire, light, etc...) can be fused with him.

Seal: The gust of wind that never seems to end on the inside of the otherwise solid Emerald of Wind.

Drawbacks: Before the constantly mentioned gem, he was a mere human being. Without the Emerald, he is nothing! A regular human is incapable of wielding the powers necessary to be any Elemental at all. The Emerald of Wind reshapes the anatomy and physiology of the user to the sufficient conditions required--both physically and mentally. In basic terms: Take the Emerald away, and perhaps there will be an exception to "No one-hit KO's/kills". Another drawback is that it takes quite a toll of energy to use his powers for an extended period of time, especially after using the emergency power called "Feather Break".


Hair: Normally brown and short; when transformed: His hair is hidden by a green feathery mask.

Eyes: Normally blue; when transformed: A green tint is added.

Height: 5'10"
Skin Tone: Slightly tan
Other: When transformed: Entire appearance is replaced by a muscular bird/human being with a generally green feathery appearance, save for silver coloring covering his major torso muscular system(chest, abdomen, etc...). A three-clawed wrist weapon juts from the upper face of his left wrist, and his feet are replaced by long, sharp talons fit for any bird-of-prey. Brown being the major color of the feet, and the claws possessing a lustrous silver finish. The most notable feature gained is his pair of pure white wings which are the source of flight, strong winds, and conjured projectile feathers. The Wind Elemental has a wingspan of fifteen feet total.

Picture: Transformed version is my profile picture.


Before the claiming of his precious gem, Andrew was still generally a good person. Though he had little going for him and his school life since he was never very willing to speak up for himself and had very lazy tendencies. He still has a decent measure of intelligence to be able to master academic skills with little trouble unless he is simply not paying attention. After the gaining of the Emerald of Wind, he was suddenly a changed person with new and outrageous thoughts and actions; he develops out of nowhere a strong sense of justice, and that he should use his new powers for the good of all people... He became another comic book hero.


Though he is now very courageous and willing to do battle despite the odds, he sometimes bores far ahead of himself and causes much trouble for either himself, or those around him. His value for friendship makes him valuable as a friend, but poses as an awful weakness. His biggest flaw is emotional instability. Most of his actions are based on emotion, and not on logic; even if he is capable of it. Finally, he is almost too well balanced for his own good. i.e. He can just as easily be your very best friend, and/or your absolute worst enemy.


Friends, eating, sleeping, flying, and fighting in urban areas(Skyscraper, get it?).


Injustice, certain vegetables, popular crowds, rumors, and betrayal of any kind.


Family/ Relatives: Since the gaining of his powers, memories of any family/relatives has practically flown away.
History: It was only last year since he'd obtained the Emerald of Wind, and ever since then he had taken the responsibility as a helper of the public, and eliminating many traces of crime and injustice in any city or small town he had visited. It was not long before he had discovered that he was not the only one to have obtained such powers. Together, with the other Elementals, they received their first major challenge when an evil villain known as Necroshade had begun to spread his dark power over their home; the small group combining their powers and ultimately defeating the dark and forbidding doom that would have only grown worse had they waited any longer to strike back. Ever since then, he decided to go by the name Avian, for whenever he must use his powers again.(I hope to roleplay this history sometime in the future!)

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Andrew Cameron(Finished) Empty Re: Andrew Cameron(Finished)

Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:40 pm

I must say, this is definitely one of the better apps I've read through. I was a little wary after the beginning, but I simply adore the idea. I look forward to RPing with you in the future. Approved.
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