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Post by Avian on Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:53 am

In a hole in the ground, there lived a hob--WAIT! Wrong story!
...Though the press is sceptic about the entire dilemma; local police reassures the questioners that they indeed had the situation under control. In a well-to-do bank that had seen a decent business day, the police confirm the taking place of an attempted robbery by a large sum of masked criminals. Soon after the crime had started, an innocent bystander made haste to inform officers of the situation at hand, and they made sure to intervene, and intervene they did at a surprising--almost alarming rate. Officers claim that it was indeed a good day for both the bank, and the station to have dispatched their forces so quickly. As to address the claims of most witnesses, police and government officials have denied the existence of a third party force being responsible for the halt of crime. "The very concept of a green winged man coming to the rescue is simply preposterous. Life is not some super-hero comic." an anonymous public official had said...

This is the very topic of the most recent news found both on television, and on newspapers so thoroughly enjoyed by primarily the middle aged and elderly age groups. There's nothing like a little controversial manners to delve into whether it is the morning, noon, or night. People love a good story... True or not.

The flapping of wings faintly sounds in the morning sky that brings the fine image of a sky that has yet to reach its finest shade of blue. Scattered puffy clouds are painted across a sheet of blue illuminated by a brilliant yellow sun as the winged beast lands just beyond the edge of the Darks University campus. He comes alone, as a breeze generated from his flight ripples through the air. His wings and feathers disintegrating in his wake as he wills away his form of the Elemental Hero, as dubbed by some rather enthusiastic supporters of his existence. Though he doubts he has a reputation on this school ground... now he may build friendships and such from the ground up! His feathery mask finally disappears, and he strides along the campus with a merry expression as he looks forward to his first day learning within the bounds of the University!

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