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Post by Jasper Wolf on Tue Jun 18, 2013 3:01 am

Peering into his once full glass he motioned to the bar tender for another round, as he glanced at his surroundings with his blurred vision. He spotted a situation brewing from the dance floor. Uncaring about what was this dispute about he turned around to his drink. He clearly knew he'd reached his limit but he lacked care just wanting to fill that emptiness which he would drink as much till he felt satisfied with his self even if it meant the whole night.
Ironically as the rim of the glass closen to his lips he was met with a forceful blow from his backside, causing the glass along with him to be sent hurling in to the counter before slaming the side of his face brutly on the cold floor. He was surley dazed getting to his feet but it was hard to tell if it was truly from the impact or just the liquor taking its toll. Regradless he was pissed he lost out on the drink that could've helped his emotional pain, and as he reached for the guy still collecting himself who cost him his drink he was met with another forceful shove from a brute who he remebered eariler from the dispute . Quickly trying to remember the situation he over heard it was to no surprise he couldnt... he was slowly losing focus. "Hey, watch who your shoving jerk!" the brute slowly turned around with a meanicing grin "If I was you I'd shut my mouth before someone get worse than a busted lip." Curiously he brought his fingertips to his lip only to see the brute was right. He must've gotten it from slaming into the floor so hardenly. Which only enraged him since he clearly could tell he was dealing with some over zealous jock as he wittedly replied. "I see you are correct my friend... apperantly I am bleeding... but may i ask something?" The brute smuged as he replied "And what's that kid?" He glanced at the brute before his eyes treaded back to his bloody fingers "Are you ready to die?" The brute along with the crowd that surronded them all began to laugh but before the brute could reply it was to late as for he was met with a forcefully punch sending him to the floor with great speed. The brute quickly tried to gather his self but before he had a chance he was met with more forceful blows to his face until slowly he ceased movement. The brute wasnt dead yet he rathered to do so but something stopped his blows it was the fear he saw in the eyes of the crowd as he glanced up. Quickly he rosed on his feet storming out into an alleyway where he threw up. He felt terrible the drinks he thought would numb him only made the visions worst along with his stomach. He knew he had to get back to Darks before anything severe happens...but before he could even reach the ends of the alley he collasped into some empty boxes slowly fading effortlessly out of consciousness

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