Gin dies.

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Gin dies. Empty Gin dies.

Post by MonsterKitty on Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:26 pm

Gin roams into a graveyard her eye with the "X" aching. She begins feeling shivers as a dark fog appear. She looks a around hearing voices.
Voice 2: "Yes sir!"
Gin automatically felt fear shock into her body as her heart began to race. She looked left and right, behind her and in front of her. She then heard one of the voices yell-
Voice: "I FOUND HER!"
Gin begin running as she felt her left eye pulse in pain. She cried blood from that eye. Gin dropped to her knees in pain holding her eye. She began panting and wishing for the pain to stop. She then realized her seal was broken. She shook her head in disbelief.
"no... no.. no no no no" She said with her voice trembling.
She felt a hand grab her and choke her. She tried to tell herself it is just an illusion, knowing it was already past the point of breaking. This. Is. REAL.
Docter: Run from me? Hide from me? You were such a promising project. Now I must terminate you.
Gin felt her neck slowly crack and cried help as her neck was snapped and she was dropped to the floor. She wasn't breathing....She was motionless.... Gin...
Has died

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