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Post by Vashy on Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:44 am

Student Application

General Information
Name: Vashy Banashi ( last name hasn't legal beeen changed yet so is actually Taylor but we are going with this)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Grade: Freshman
Power: Teleportation.

Power Information
Power Description: At the moment Vashy is capable to teleport herself with enough concentration with her underwear though sometimes she will teleport without clothing, she is able to teleport others with her, once her power is fully stable she will be able to teleport five people total anywhere within four football fields in distance. At current her location isn't exact as she is still learning control.
Seal: A dragon bracelt (that seems to have been lost)
Drawbacks: She is easily fatigued by over use of her power, at current she is unable to predict where she will land.

Hair: Black
Eyes: Dull grey
Height: 5"3'
Skin Tone: Cream.
Other: This child mostly wears childish clothing, prefering to wear skirts and shirts if anything at all.
Vashy Banashi  Vashy
Description Vashy is fairly timid, she doesn't like people in general though if she gains enough confidence around them she can be talkative, she trys her best to be assertive but is easily swayed. Due to her past she has trouble dealing with violence. Suffering from frequent flash backs.
Flaws Vashy is easily persuaded, teleports at random when afraid. Easily bought off with toys sometimes.
Likes Togi, playing in the bath, cuddling toys.
Dislikes Anything that reminds her of her past. Violence and screaming.

Family/ Relatives: Togi Banashi (Mother by adoption)
Vashy was born to a family that didn't like her, her father wanted more then anything to have a boy, once she was born her mother tried everything to get the father to accept her as his child. Even resorting to give her the name he always wanted his son to have, though in a vain attempt to make it feminine a y was added to the end. Making it Vashy. No matter what the father denied the child to be his. Only accepting her as his child when referring to her as "him". Things calmed for awhile, though her mother blamed her for her fathers lack of attention she was raised with love untill the age of five, when her powers came about. She managed to dodge a car, her fear causing her to dissapear. Each time the same fear as the vehicle got closer. Becaming a sort of game, one her parents disliked. They would tell her that she was not one of them, she was beaten severly for anything minor that she did wrong, being told that they would not raise one of them. Someone with powers, She was forbiden to use it, forbiden to leave the house, she did her best to please them. If she cried she was punished more severly. Soon she learnt not to cry, only when it was severe would she break down, screaming her apologise as her body lay limp and helpless.

As she got older things became more severe, her mother seemed to no longer care about her well being, blaming her for every little thing, though she managed to keep the girl calm, she became increasingly negative. Whenever she would cry her father would be mentioned, she was not allowed to be a soft little girl, she was supposed to be their little doll, doing as she was told. One day things got out of hand, her father threatoning to kill her, "I should of never let you live", as if he had a choice when she was born to keep her or not. The rage that night drove her to panic, if she ever used her power she knew she would be hurt worse, but this scared her, he never threatoned her life. And with each hit the reality sank in, she would surly die. And so she dissapeared. Shattered, broken and alone, she lived on the streets. Stealing what she neeeded, she trusted no one. As she developed she slowly began to hate her body, the unwanted attention she would get from others. One day she was caught, too tired to fight she simply went along. She was offered to go to the school. Instead of spending the night in prision. She accepted, since she had no choice, a device laid on her. One that controlled her power, supressing it. She could not escape even if she wanted to.

During her time at the school, something happened, she was attacked. It was all a blur of metal and pain to her, she dissapeared, finding herself in the nurses office. A woman helped her, by the name of Togi. The woman tried to help her and was kind to her, without wanting anything in return. Something she was not used to. Soon she began to feel things she never felt befor and though it all confused her she became... connected. Unable to live without the persons pressence. The woman shielded her, and protected her through countless encounters with her parents and others. The woman took her in, making her a daughter. Though her emotions are still confusing she knows that she enjoys her time with the woman. She still has yet to make many or any friends at the school. The only friend she made died. Blaming herself for Mana's death. Vashy now spends all her time with the woman, refusing to even acknowledge others existence majority of the time.


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