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Post by Daisya Bairre on Thu Oct 03, 2013 6:05 pm

Student Application

General Information
Name: Daisya Bairre
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Grade: Freshman
Power: Charity Bell

Power Information
Power Description: Daisya is capable of resonating sound waves from her body capable of giving stifling headaches, however if she finds something hollow she can use it to enhance and direct the sound waves.
Seal: A blue silk ribbon with a silver rose trinket.
Drawbacks: She has no direct control of who she is targeting with her powers without dome-like object to direct her soundwaves so she could prove a nuisance to her teammates and if she over uses her powers she can injure herself.

Hair: She has black hair that just barely passes half of her shoulder blades with straight cut bangs.
Eyes: Her eyes a light blue and quite roundish, but also seem near almond-shaped.
Height: 5'6"
Skin Tone: Fair
Other: She loves wearing victorian-styled clothes including lace gloves and decorated hats.
Daisya Bairre (done) Dayday13

Description: Daisya is quite outgoing and approached anyone with a smile, however she is incapable of fully understanding how people feel about certain things and can accidentally misjudge one's feelings.
Flaws: Although she is open-minded and kind she can be quite uncooperative in groups, having issues listening to everyone and making adjustments to make everyone comfortable.
Likes: Any flower, especially those with blue petals, but quite enjoys roses. She enjoys long rainy days, and doesn't mind the occasional snow but either one is fine by her if she can enjoy them during the evening.
Dislikes: Hot and humid days without a single cloud in the sky and no cool shade to look forward to.

Family/ Relatives: A father and recently deceased mother.
History: Daisya was a part of a relatively large family, mainly consisting of cousins as she is the only child her father and mother bore before her mother took ill and passed away. They owned a family wide business of small corner stores in a relatively small city and greeted any customers that passed through their doors with a smile. Since her mothers passing, Daisya took many of the hardships and responsibilities of running the store her mother had left behind her - and even took some of the weight off of her mourning fathers shoulders - and faced them head-on until the accidental discovery of her powers.

Strangely enough, the school's bells resonating deeply in her mind long after they had signaled the change of classes. The sound didn't falter or fade despite the beatings she received that bruise her ribs and arms as she defended her face from the onslaught of feet. The pain was strong and numbed her, but she could still hear the ringing and she could still see the feet slamming into her arms through the welling tears. She had no reason to cry aside from the pain. She picked this fight when she dumped a cup of soda onto the boy's date's dress. It wasn't an accident, she did it on purpose. The two girls had long since been rivals, but they haven't brought anyone into their battles till this day.

Daisya could only imagine how their conversation went, but either way the cowardly girl she faced had brought her boyfriend, and his friends, into the war and threw them into the front lines where they tore apart Daisya's defenses, leaving her vulnerable to their advances.

Somewhere amid the beatings the ringing of the school's bell in her mind had changed, and she imagined herself back behind the counter of her family's store tending to what customers came with a smile. The bell melted and changed to the same ring that sounded whenever a customer came into the store, the signal that she had trained herself to smile brightly whenever she heard it. It sounded loudly in her head, making her groan in pain from the kicking and oncoming headache. It continued to sound but she felt as though she could feel the sounds slipping through her skin and snake past her clothes. Next thing she knew she was in a hospital room with bandaged arms and pounding head.

It was an odd occurrence, the doctors said. The boys had reportedly been treated for mind-splitting headaches caused by some unknown force, but no scans could identify the cause. All they had to go on were the symptoms of headaches of such strength that leaved the men incapable of movement. Daisya only said she had a headache and a pain from the bruises left by the boys' beatings, and the information hadn't help the situation. That night she thought, was it her that caused such phenomenon?

It wasn't until she sought out further information on odd occurrences of various variety and constant incidents and practices did she come across the fact that she wasn't the only one to had odd 'powers', and it was then that she found out about Darks University. She hadn't informed anyone she knew of these powers, not even to her family, and kept it quiet when she had enrolled in the aforementioned university.

((Whoops sorry the History turned into more of a rp post than a description or w/e ^^))
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Post by Daisya Bairre on Sun Oct 06, 2013 10:59 pm

I have completed my application!
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Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Thu Oct 10, 2013 1:03 am

Lovely. Approved. ^^
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