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Dear Mr./Miss ____________

You have been sought out because of your unique talents and have been highly recommended to transfer into Beata Academy, a one of it's kind institution dedicated to furthering both the academic skills, and the more supernatural abilities, of all it's students. The school is located in a secluded area, is highly protected, but still allows room for children ages thirteen - eighteen to live normal lives while discovering their true selves. If you are interested, please call the number located at the bottom of this paper and a representative of the school will be sent to your house to discuss your future.


Once upon a time, a school was founded in the rural northern United States. It was created for those students who had gifted - or supernatural abilities. It was a highly regarded idea at the time, for many families who had no idea such things existed in the world had someplace to turn to for answers, and to send their children too for a proper raising; however, it was a trap, meant to empower a sadistically, insane Headmaster who stole the powers of his students and attempted to be somewhat of a new God. A few students, though, discovered his plan and up rose - saving themselves and ending his life. They discovered the frozen bodies of his wife and daughter. Many students went home. Some chose to stay with his Wife and help rebuild the school - to make it what it was always supposed to be.

The year is now 2033. Not only has the school recovered, it's grown - and gifteds from all over the country (as well as the world) are coming here for the education they so need. The place has become a haven, and a well known name among those families where gifts run strong. Students come, they learn, they graduate. All seems to be rather peaceful.

Problems are arising in the world, though. Mysterious monsters and horrendous creatures are appearing all over the world, wreaking havok wherever they seem to be. Not only that, mysterious men and women in black have been reported targeting known gifted communities - people are disappearing, dying even; and it's rumored that a strange woman is behind it all.

The safety of the school is not only coming into question, but their entire way of life as we know it.


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