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Post by Daisya Bairre on Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:43 pm

Shingeki no Kyojin Attack-on-titan-5187b37549fb1

A new predator to man-kind arose from some unknown source, pushing humans into near extinction for hundreds of years. The only thing between these 'titans' are fifty-meter high walls and three branches of defense and offense. There are three walls, the outer wall is called Maria, the wall between Maria and the center wall is called Rose, and the center wall that guards the Kingdom is Sina.

The Garrison Guard - or Stationary Guard - are positioned along the walls that encircle humanity's territory. The Military Police keep order within the walls of Maria, Rose, and Sina, and work to protect the King. The Survey Corps are a group of courageous fools hell-bent on wiping out the titans to recover the land man lost.

This role-play forum is based before the Colossal Titan's first appearance for the time being. Once members are established we will move forward into the storyline. Canon Characters and Original Characters are accepted. You are able to join any of the three walls, be one of the titan shifters, or just a simple citizen showing their support or what-have-you.
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