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Post by Daisya Bairre on Fri Jan 10, 2014 3:58 pm

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Rise of Shadows is an original dark fantasy roleplay forum which takes place in a world of late-medieval technology called Overdark. Currently in the middle of the 5th age. Scattered across the continent, rival city-states seek dominance over their neighbors through diplomatic, economic and militaristic means. The Celestials and Demons locked in an eternal conflict in the background over control of the mortal realm. As a member of the forum you will have the right to an unlimited character limit, multiple races and classes to choose from and the ability to directly impact the flow of events. Set up as a sandbox, characters can travel from place to place, exploring the skeleton of the world which will be continuously expanded via in-game character interactions. This is a world where you can rise to become king of a nation and start a rebellion in enemy lands. Ascend to become a legend across the seas or fall in a blaze of glory.
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