The Flame that Burns Twice as Bright (Togi, One-Shot, Maybe Non-Canon, Open)

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The Flame that Burns Twice as Bright (Togi, One-Shot, Maybe Non-Canon, Open) Empty The Flame that Burns Twice as Bright (Togi, One-Shot, Maybe Non-Canon, Open)

Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:40 am

Click. Click. Click.

Finally, the near-empty lighter managed to produce a dancing flame, the only thing to cut through the darkness of night. Dull grey eyes stared on, reflecting the bright little wisp held at her very fingertips. She could watch it for hours, this puff of ignited fumes. It was nothing more than a small plastic casing and a few metal bits filled with volatile fluid, but this trashy lighter meant more.

With a swift motion, a simple flick of her wrist, the cap of the lighter flicked closed and snuffed the flame, conserving the tiny splash of butane that remained for one last use. Just like that, her muse, the only thing that cut through the harsh nothingness of the night air, was gone. Hidden. Destroyed. Was it ever even there? The flame was nothing, just a chemical reaction, just some molecules getting excited and deciding that they would be better spraying all that chemical energy out as light and heat. The flame wasn't an object, it wasn't matter. But it did matter.

A small cross between a laugh and a sigh huffed out of her lungs. Since when did she pretend to be so metaphorical? She wasn't that kind of person. At least, she never used to be. Everything used to just be what it was. Nothing more, definitely nothing less. These days, though, Togi tried her best to find purpose or meaning in anything she could. There wasn't a whole lot else for her out there. What danced through her head by the daily? A failed job. A failed relationship. A failed family. Another sigh.

The woman stretched her back and shifted to lay back against the park bench, staring up at the moonless sky. Sure, the job didn't really matter. It had given her purpose and connections, but beyond that wasn't really much. She didn't really care about people, which was probably a poor disposition for a medical professional, but to be fair, she wasn't really much of that either. Falsified documents and dumb luck landed her this gig. It was gone. Whatever.

She cared a bit more about her relationship. It was taboo, and probably a bit based in necessity or convenience, but she was in love, dammit. That kid... that man meant something. He cared about her for some dumb reason. He trusted her. He was a bit rough around the edges, but she loved that roughness. She dreamed of it. Togi lifted her free hand and ran it through the smooth, long locks of blonde that sprouted from her scalp. Damn. That really could've turned into something. Or at least gotten somewhere. Love cut short hurt the most, for it kept the most lost potential.

The final topic that dwelt within her rattled brain tended to get pushed away on all but the harshest nights. It was simply too difficult to remember those days. Her soft hair. Her gentle face. There was struggle and conflict and pain, sure, but it was all worth it. All for that girl. All for the love of her life. A love that transcended romance, one she could only imagine existed in fiction. Just passing the vague ideas through her head caused an uncomfortable surge of emotions that left her stomach uneasy and her throat dry. She could feel the wetness welling up in her eyes, but a quick sleeve hid her shame from the empty park.

For a few minutes she wept into her arm, unable to contain herself. Why had life treated her so? Where had everyone gone? It was like whatever power dictated this world was dead-set on her just barely seeing the edge of happiness before being struck from joy and left to wallow in a pool of tears and self-loathing. The black sleeve pulled away from her face and rested back in her lap as Togi shifted her weight forwards and put the cigarette to her lips.

The scent still made her choke, the feeling as the black smoke filled her throat and lungs even more so. She needed the escape, though. She needed the rush. Anything to keep her going. Anything to help her remember. Anything to help her forget. One long drag expended the remainder of her only source of motivation. Smoke lifted from her lips as it floated up, mixing into the cold, dark atmosphere. The butt dropped to the ground next to its brethren and a heavy, worn boot lifted to smash it to the pavement. A shaking hand lifted the lighter back up and flicked it open again.

Click. Click. Click.
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The Flame that Burns Twice as Bright (Togi, One-Shot, Maybe Non-Canon, Open) Empty Re: The Flame that Burns Twice as Bright (Togi, One-Shot, Maybe Non-Canon, Open)

Post by Vashy on Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:14 am

A night like any other, why do I even bother. It's not like Alex needed to do better in combat. But still she mused, what of the others.Memories flickering through as she took each sharp breath.
Speed, strength, agility.
Crunch, crackle, swoop.
Those sounds continued onwards, what of her strength, should she be satisfied with her role. Her abilities, her wisdom to play peace keeper. Distraction or should she become more.
Crunch, crackle, crunch.
A shiver washed over her as droplets where forming. Her navy blue tanktop was starting to obsorb the moisture.

Grrr... I need to be quiet. The heavy footsteps where more then a slight issue. She needed to learn to stealth while running. If that was even a thing, is it even possible to escape quietly. Her long dark hair tangled in the wind, flowing behind her as she continued her new training routine. At this rate she will catch up.

Alex took another turn, bounding through the park. Using each limited speck of light as a guide. Trying her hardest to avoid most obstacles. Bouncing off trees. Over benches or under benches, depending on whichever struck her mood. It was normally empty afterall. Quiet, she needed to get better. There was no telling when another attack might happen. Each heavy step, each rustling leaf. Followed by the shushed panting of a woman not sure of where she was even heading. All she knew is she had to make it till sun rise.

At least i can keep my figure. A slight giggle escaped her. Right focus. Another sharp intake of breath. Was that smoke? " Oooof", one swift leap, or so it should of been, cut short for a moment. Connecting tissue with wood, and something else. Sudden loss of balance as her body flings towards to ground. Sticking her hand out to try and catch herself, or at least part of herself. "ouch..."... refocusing for a moment as she had managed to catch herself. Well, partly. One hand on the ground, the other resting on the bench, her body made a sort of reverse F shape as she balanced one leg straight in the air and the other bent over the bench. Her knee throbbing in pain.... Her eyes taking a moment to focus on who was in front of her.

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