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Post by Lady Ryusha on Tue May 01, 2012 2:39 am

Faculty Application

General Information
Name:Riku S
Class/ Facility: Dean of students/Music teacher (Specialization guitar/bass/drums/singing)
Spends half the day doing work as the dean and the other half teaching music classes to those who sign up for it.
Power: Electrokinesis

Power Information
Power Description: Users are able to alter the movement of electrons, allowing them almost any electricity based power. Simple powers would include the ability to generate electricity, shoot lightning, or overload a circuit. More complex powers include manipulating energy in a person, starting fires, directing current in a more complex route than the one of least resistance. Firing sparks turning off electrical devices, or electrical constructs, may also occur. Some users might be able to use electricity in water acting like an eel.
Applications Edit
 Absorb, Create, Generate and/or Control Electricity of various intensities.
 Charge objects with electricity, heating them and/or turning them static.
 Power electronic devices.
 Lightning Breath, Ball Lightning Projection and Electrical Beam Emission/Lightning Bolt Projection for direct attacks. May be able to generate enough power to destroy and/or vaporize matter.
 Energy Strike and/or Weapon Infusion by surrounding their limbs or weapons in electricity.
 Increase blade sharpness by using electricity to create vibrations.
 Paralysis Inducement and/or Jactitation
 Elemental Constructs of electricity, including weapons, walls, or allies/servants.
 Create electric bursts and/or shock-blasts
 Create Lightning Tether to pull themselves toward something or to pull things toward them.
 Draw in power from naturally occurring and/or artificial electricity to increase their own abilities.
 Electricity Absorption and/or redirection
 Ride on and/or in electricity/lightning-bolt.

Other plausible effects

 Electronic Communication
 Electricity Mimicry
 Electrokinetic Combat
 Electromagnetism Manipulation
 Make things stick on them and/or stick on things by using static cling.
 Magnetism Manipulation
 Metal Manipulation
 Electroreception
 Elemental Healing via Electrical Healing: charge with electricity, which accelerates the healing of cells.
 Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability and Enhanced Reflexes by using the electricity to stimulate nerves.
 Nerve Manipulation by redirecting the electric signals between the brain and nerves.
 Memory/Mental Manipulation by controlling the electrical signals in the brain. This takes very high skill and light touch.
 Motor-Skill Manipulation by controlling the nerve-signal for movement.
 Technology Manipulation
 If one is able to super heat flame with electricity, they may be able to develop Plasma Manipulation.

Seal: Tribal tattoo covering the left side of his body. While active, the seal is solid. When deactivated, the seal has multiple lines running through the tattoo.
Seal appearance: Riku S; Music teacher Tribal-tattoo

Possibility to electrocute himself if misusing his powers.
Cannot touch water unless seal is active.

Eyes: Pure black where the whites should be, with white lightning running through. While the iris and pupil are pure yellow that glows. Eyes tend to stay covered by cloth.
Skin Tone: Pale white
Other: Tattoo on left side of his body that acts as his seal.
Riku S; Music teacher Riku-kingdom-hearts-2612686-1200-1600


DescriptionRiku has a brutal personality. He tends to be excessively cold to anyone who disagrees with his ways or gets in the way of him when he sets his mind of something. While fighting, he has a bloodlust the desires power and destruction of his enemy. He acts depending on his rage. Which is mostly kept in check, he can think and plan. But while pissed off, he cannot control himself and he makes wilder, more unpredictable moves. He even risks electrocuting himself using so much power. However when he sees somebody attractive, be it male or female, he tends to active a whole side of him that is fake but 100% believable. He becomes an extreme flirt, and does it for sport.

Flaws ruthless

Flirting with girls for sport
Being alone at quiet moments\
His power

Dislikes large groups of people
Normal humans
People who manage to see his eyes


Family/ Relatives: None


Riku was always strange. When he was born, he never cried. He glared, and made small noises when he wanted something. He was examined and deemed completely healthy by the doctors. They told his parents it was probably his personality that developed extremely early in life. This was a strange thing and it was not normal in the slightest. But he went home with his parents all the same and they thought he would grow out of it. How wrong they were.

As his life went on, it was obvious he wasn’t normal. He didn’t play like the other kids his age. He was focused on learning new things all the time. By the age of three he picked up a guitar. By the age of five he was learning to play metal. His favorite to play was actually an older band. One that started more than twenty years before he was born. But it was at the age of five when things ot bad. His parents were fed up with him. And they tried to discipline him.

The moment his mothers backhand hit his face, something surged though him. Something activated within him, something that would change his life for the better. He reeled back and glared at his mother. She was in shock of what she did. But she thought it was for the best. However she didn’t count on her son being one of the mutated. As he looked back at his mother, white lightning exploded from his fingertips. After that, it expanded up his arms and stopped at his shoulders. He screamed out, and raised a hand to his mother and father. Each one dropped to the floor, brains fried, dead.

Years passed and riku learned to control his power. After five or so years he knew how to control it. And in the privacy of his own bathroom in the orphanage, he burned the tattoo into his bedy slowly. It was painful. But nothing like what his showers were like for the past year. Every time it was like a constant electrocution. When the tattoo was completed, he could feel the difference. And he quickly learned how to turn the seal on and off. He thought it was very useful. And soon his life was about to change again.

At the age of fifteen, he strapped his guitars to his back and grabbed his stuff; he was on his way to a new high school he was invited to. When he began classes, he knew why he was invited. Everyone had powers of some sorts. Some had the ability to control elements, some could fly, and some could even shape shift. Everyone was unique there. Including him, the only one capable of controlling the electrodes in matter. He thought he was probably the most powerful to attend the school. Not only did he stand out by his power, he stood out in looks. He packed on the muscle rapidly as years passed. His tattoo looked slick and perfect. He looked like a badass. And he loved it.

Years passed he was always ruthless, he had almost killed countless students in gym class, outranked everyone with his music abilities, and even in looks he outranked almost all the other guys. He came out with top marks. He was the closest to perfect as they could come... On the outside. On the inside he was ruthless, cold, hateful, and manipulating. Sometimes he was insanely flirty, but usually only for the sex.

At the rough age of 21, he got a call from the school. They wanted him to go back and work there as the new Dean. And being the kind of guy who recently relyed on stealing money, he accepted with a condition. He wanted to be the music teacher as well. They were hesitant, but accepted the offer as they wanted him to be the dean as an alumni. Something that was needed as no regular human was allowed at the school. So he packed his bags and instruments And went off to begin a career as the school dean.

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Riku S; Music teacher Empty Re: Riku S; Music teacher

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Alrighty. Approved. ^^
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