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Post by Vashy on Tue May 01, 2012 2:59 am

Student Application

General Information
Name: Alex Estrella
Age: 17
Gender: Junior
Power: Duplication.

Power Information
Power Description: Alex is capable of making a copy of herself. Her copy is just as venerable as she is, it wears what she was wearing at the time of duplication and has as many wounds as she did at time of duplication. She is only capable of making a single clone.
Seal: A intertwined, twin dove tattoo on her shoulder. (when released there is one dove on her shoulder)
Drawbacks: Her double has a mind of its own, they do not share a link after it is created. Signals and habits are the only thing to go off what each other wants. She can only make a single replication of herself.

Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5"8'
Skin Tone: Cream
Other: This young woman wears a silver hairband in her long black hair, normally seen in a mid drift top, or v-neck t-shirt, anything that shows off her assets really, a short skirt ending at mid thigh. Rarely would she ever be in jeans. Though she owns some of those aswell. A purse is on her if she is going out but otherwise everything she needs is stored in her bra.

Description This outgoing seductress in training enjoys meeting new people, she takes an odd stance normally trying to flirt with anything with a heart beat. Her morale set varies depending on the situation, if children are involved she tries her best to behave when within earshot or line of sight from them. She cares greatly for those she doesn't know, if injured she will do her best to get them to medical attention.

Flaws Flirtatious.
Likes Teasing, gettting her way, Scenary
Dislikes Being ignored, alone, waiting.

Family/ Relatives:
(Key points to work on later: Parents work alot, maturing, body image, perception of others)

Alex grew up in a surprisingly normal enviroment, considering the countless students who either are abandoned or abused, she was rarely struck as a child and even then it was no more then a light spanking. The only way her parents dealt with her was to tell her what was wrong, she got on her fathers temper as she got older. Finding her body useful in entraping males, she found it easy to flirt and get her way. Starting at the age of 14, she didn't do anything past kissing, she was more of a tease then anything else. This has gotten her into some difficult situations, though thansk to her training at darks. She was able to get out of them, even befor then she would play victum, appealing to the males around her. Claiming rape. She was never one to pass up an opportunity to allow someone else to help her out.

Much to her fathers displeasure, the few times he had seen her out and about in her low cut shirts and skirts, he was appauled to say the least. An upstanding, middle class woman, acting like a whore. Well that was the way he worded it, she never cared, at least they gave her attention. Something that was sorely lacking at home, her parents. Though she loved them, never had time to spend with their little angel. As far as they knew she was one. She was left with sitters, or even alone at night as she got older, showing her independence. Showing she was growing and maturing.

Unfortunately she was still lonely and more so when she was left without a sitter to chat to and pretend, even for a moment, was actually a part of her family. They seemed to care more about wethere she was ready for bed, tucking her in and making sure she had everything she needed for school. She spent half of her time playing hooky.. well untill she went to Darks. They seemed to have a system for finding students that where reported missing. Though some teachers where lenient she still hated when they told on her.

Alex found it hard to make long lasting friends at the school, due to her flirtatious behaviour. She was normally seen as someone that would just use a person, they where half right. She would use a complete stranger. Not someone she cared about. So now she starts again, another year at a school that she is only partially welcomed at, with peers that know her tricks. And teachers that have heard stories of her flamboyent behaviours.

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Alex (eventually will finish it) Empty Re: Alex (eventually will finish it)

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