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Post by Hunter Kieff on Fri May 11, 2012 2:46 am

General Information
Name: Kain and Abel
Age: 3 (actual) 19 (physical)
Gender: Male
Grade: Senior
Kain: Necrotoxin/Abel's antidote
Abel: Neurotoxin/Kain's antidote

Power Information
Power Description:
When Kain and Abel's seals are activated, the skin on his body becomes similar to that of a jellyfish or stinging nettle. Whenever they come into contact with a human or any living animal, small but very sharp needles eject from their bodies. In the event that they pierce their opponent's skin, they are injected with a small amount of their unique toxin. The only way to cure this toxin is for the victim to ingest an amount of the opposite twin's blood in order for it to counteract the toxic enzymes. Essentially, one twin's poison can be stopped by the blood of the other twin. The needles projected from their own flesh are strong enough to pierce the hide of a rhino, but they are not limited to direct physical contact when thinking of ways to poison their enemies. Kain has the ability to secrete the toxin from his skin in the form of a breathable vapor while Able can fire his own toxic needles from anywhere in his hands. This way they can be deadly from range.

Here I'll detail the effects of each toxin.
Necrotoxin: A necrotoxin is an agent that actively destroys living cells in an organism. When envenomed, the victim will begin to feel a light burning sensation as the cells around the injection site begin to show the beginning signs of necrosis. From there the skin will turn from a light red to a deeper color and begin to spread. The speed of necrosis depends on the dosage of the toxin injected or inhaled. From there the skin will turn a dark black color with bits of flesh starting to rot away and fall off. The process is extremely painful and can be deadly if left untreated. As a limb begins to rot and die, it will be rendered useless and more susceptible catastrophic injury. So unless the victim doesn't want to die a very slow and painful death, they should attempt to appeal to the other twin. For at that point, he's their only salvation.

Neurotoxin: Neurotoxins work by attacking nerve endings in the ganglion and brain, disrupting the messages sent. When envenomed, the victim will begin to feel a tingling sensation that travels outward from the injection site. Over time the sensation will soon spread across their entire body and turn from a light tingle to a dull burn. This is when the toxin begins to work. Once the victim is engulfed in the sensation, their limbs will begin to tighten until they're fully locked up and unable to move. However, in this paralysis they are still able to talk and move their eyes. In the full paralysis, the toxin will move from muscles and to organs, shutting them down one by one until the victim either submits or dies. When used in conjunction with his brother's necrotoxin, the two poisons create an unbearably slow and painful combination that paralyzes and rots the victim.

Enhanced physical traits: The products of Project Gemini were the results of years of trial and error. There were several subjects that came before them. First the scientists experimented on twins removed from their mothers to no avail. They were too frail to take on the mutations that would become the first humanoid mammals to release a toxin. Upon their first injections, the human subjects just rotted away or simply expired. Then they realized that in order to create super beings, they needed to work from the ground up. Every year they built up on their research and skills until they finally created two beings that were much faster, stronger, and resilient than their previous attempts at the 'perfect human'. In field tests, the twins were proven quick and deadly against a number of wild animals and eve the soldiers that they had trained.

Seal: Their amber eyes flash and the pupils become slits like the eyes of a Pit Viper. On top of that their canine teeth sharpen immensely, dripping with the thick poison that courses through their body. Another telltale sign is the skin on Abel's body turns a dark black and becomes scaly in texture. But for Kain, his tongue becomes forked and much longer. In that state he is able to extend his tongue four feet in front of him, allowing the twin to 'taste' the air for his prey.
As a failsafe, the twins are reliant on each-other for survival. Just in case one decided to run after a 'change of heart' both twins would slowly become weaker and weaker as the distances between them increase. Their abilities work at maximum strength and potency when they are within 300 feet of each-other. At 301-600 they work at half strength and when they step over 600 feet away, they are extremely weak. The twins will slowly begin to succumb to their own toxins and die unless they are brought back in from the 'Fatal Distance'.

If the two go too long without initiating some kind of physical contact, they experience powerful migraine headaches that get worse over time. Their creators used this as punishment whenever they disobeyed orders or acted without permission. It's because of this torture that they have been broken, always willing to listen to and obey the ones that gave them life.

Hair: Black (Cain's is a mixture of black and red)
Eyes: Amber
Height: 6'2"
Skin Tone: White
Project Gemini (Complete) 529114

Description The twin's personality traits differ immensely depending on the situation or where they are.
While the younger twin, Abel, is calm and collected; his brother Kain is prone to fits of extreme violence. Extremely sadistic, Kain revels in the pain of his victims. He slowly poisons them with several small scale attacks, allowing his necrotoxin to rot them away. When killing, Kain doesn't let them die easily. He will start by severing key tendons in their bodies and allows them to bleed to death, begging for their lives.

Abel finds Kain's habits to be nothing but repulsive. There are times when he can be just as terrible as his brother, but he's not nearly as brutal when normal. He prefers efficiency and humanity over presentation, much to Kain's displeasure. Abel can usually be reasoned with outside of his orders, willing to exploit loopholes or let his targets go due to other circumstances. Often times he'll fight his own brother if Kain continues his attempts to kill or maim the target claiming that he needs to play with them before they go. So even though Kain is unreasonable and cruel, Abel is reasonable and fairly easy to converse with.

When Kain is outside of his given mission, he always enjoys going out into the town to party or have fun. If there's a female (or male) that catches his attention, Kain will approach them and flirt until he gets bored or they go somewhere with it. He can never stay attached to one 'significant other' for too long and usually 'drops' them after he gets what he wants. But if there's someone out there who can match him stride for stride in a bout or two, Kain will begin to feel a form of affection. Then again, it's hard to tell when he's genuinely interested.

Abel tends to be more subtle and 'romantic' when it comes to women. He takes pride in relationships that go beyond physical attraction and flirting. He is rarely foreword when he speaks and often avoids direct eye contact when engaged in conversation. A person would be able to tell that he's interested when he offers a genuine smile since his face is usually stoic and uninterested.
Kain: Impulsive, overly stubborn, cruel, lack of subtlety.

Abel: Often too quiet, overthinks things, lack of interest in most subjects and people.
Kain: Women, fights, killing, Abel

Abel: Reading, training with Kain, his studies.
Kain: Abel's attitude and anyone that attempts to step between him and his fun.
Abel: Kain's mannerisms and cruelty.

Family/ Relatives: Each other.

Subject 3325K. Given name, Kain... The glass tank that contained the first success of Project Gemini slowly projected out from the thousands of rows surrounding him. The artificial human was completely nude, suspended in a form of liquid that kept his muscles completely relaxed. Subject Kain's eyes were shut and the lower half of his face was covered by a mask with tubes shoved down his throat to aid in feeding while two for breathing were jammed into his nose. His eyes fluttered lightly when they moved his tank, disturbing his deep sleep. Even if he were to wake, there wasn't anything he's be able to do from within his prison. Kain's shoulder length black hair floated in the liquid around his head and the main scientist that gave him a name stepped up to the tank, clad in traditional scientist garb. The man tapped the glass with his knuckles, causing Kain to stir around even more in the liquid, Well now we know what bothers it... He cooed, taking notes on his clipboard, Are you sure that it will be able to return Subject H20 to us? The man turned around to face his companion who opened his mouth to confirm, "He..."
'It' won't be able to retrieve H20 alone. We'll need both subjects to go together due to the failsafe that you insisted on putting in them.

The main scientist cursed himself for being overly cautious and turned back to face Kain's tank, Subject 3326A. Given name, Abel. Then the tank that contained Kain's 'brother' was lifted from the other prospects. At first glance, the two looked identical. They were perfect copies of one another, untainted by the outside. However within their minds, they were very different. For Kain, the scientists fed him a different set of information. They taught him how to be brutal, ruthless. From the start, he was turned into a monster. But in Abel's tank, he was designed to be more docile and thoughtful. They needed him to ensure that Kain was kept calm and under wraps. The last thing they wanted was bad press due to one of their subjects killing everything in sight, Kain and Abel were given dossiers on H20 and how their respective abilities work. They also know exactly what to do if H20 resists coming back without a fight. Then again, Kain will definitely want to kill him and bring us the corpse. I think it's about time we ask 'it' how 'it' feels. Before his commander could protest, the second-in-command pulled the lever to release Kain from his tank. First, the liquid within drained out to leave him covered in a slimy second skin. The shock of being exposed caused Kain's eyes to snap right open. The newborn's scream was muffled by the thick glass as he pulled the tubes lodged down his throat and into his nose. Once removed, Kain coughed several times and held his throat with one hand, placing the other against the glass. He was cold, wet, and very upset from being stirred about. The hair that previously floated around him clung to his slimy skin as he shifted his glowing amber eyes to the man standing in front of the glass. A devilish grin spread across Kain's face, revealing the fangs in his mouth. They oozed his special toxin as he opened his mouth to extend his serpentine tongue, "I'm hungry..." He mouthed with a light chuckle. Before the man could even run away, Kain smashed right through his glass and grabbed him by the throat. Every muscle in his exposed body was toned to near perfection and he lifted his victim into the air, his own skin piercing deep and injecting the scientist with copious amounts of the necrotoxin. His assistant laughed and cheered from his safe spot, taking pride in the monster he managed to bring forth.

It didn't take very long at all for the toxin to begin rotting away the flesh around his neck, causing a scream of terror and agony to echo throughout the room. This made Abel stir a bit in his own tank, ready to be released. Kain simply smiled again at his victim and let his long tongue slip from between his lips, flicking gently against the dying man's nose, "I hope you taste better than you smell, meat." He said before snapping his neck and taking his first bite, "Disappointing... I expected more from you." Kain looked up to the other scientist and waved to him, a childish smile on his face, "Did you like that, Father?" He asked, almost begging for his approval. The need to be accepted was satisfied by a curt nod before the liquid in Abel's tank began to drain, I hope you're ready to meet your brother, Kain. Just don't try to kill him... Both of your lives depend on it.

Kain stepped up to Abel's tank with a softer expression than usual. He didn't know why, but he felt nothing but love for his own brother. They seemed to be the same person, but in a way they were different. Abel's own eyes snapped right open once the liquid was gone and he began to tear at his own tubes. When Kain placed his own slimy hand against the glass, Abel did the same thing until it just shattered. Once free, Abel began to go through his own transformation. The skin on his body slowly molded a dark color and was covered in snake like scales, surprising Kain. Then Abel lunged right at his twin, sinking his fangs right into Kain's neck. Kain repeated the gesture and they just stood there, pumping venom into their systems. To any outside observers it would look like the two were trying to kill each-other. But if anything, they wanted to know what was going on. It was a primal ritual that they just felt. The two brothers broke their lock and took a step back from each-other before stepping back in for an embrace, "Brother..."

The scientist stepped down from his protective barrier and stopped directly in front of the twins, not even a hint of hear on his face. He was the man that manipulated their memories, who taught them to become what they were then. They couldn't harm them even if they wanted to. Kain and Abel turned to face him and got down on one knee, their bodies returning to normal before his very eyes, Kain. Do you remember what your mission is? Kain looked up to his 'father' with the signature grin, "Kill H20..." The man returned Kain's smile and placed a hand on his head, ignoring the slime that tainted his hand. Abel seemed visibly annoyed by his brother's idiotic answer and responded, "We're only to kill him if he doesn't listen to reason, Kain. Don't be so bloodthirsty." The other twin shot his brother a glance, "Why waste our time? I say we ensure that he can never get away again. Give them the corpse and they can make another one. Our mission will be done, and I'm sure we can do whatever we want after that... Right, Father?" He looked back up to the scientist for confirmation, but the man shook his head, No, Kain. Your brother is right. He's far more useful to us alive than dead. However, you two will ensure that he's brought back to us... We've caught wind of a facility meant for people like him and you. There are probably many more out there. I'm sure the rest will be extremely useful. So after you bring H20, I want you to remove as many as you can. With the genes from these super humans, I will be able to create an army of brothers and sisters for the both of you. And when we've reached our peak, the world as we know it will belong to our family. While Kain seemed genuinely interested by the ideal, Abel was reserved. He thought silently about their 'world' and decided against it in his mind. They only needed H20. It would be stupid to try and take more than necessary, "Yes, father."

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