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Tsukiko Kotobuki (incomplete and not putting in code due to keystroke limit) Empty Tsukiko Kotobuki (incomplete and not putting in code due to keystroke limit)

Post by Young Princess Tomoyoko on Mon May 14, 2012 4:22 pm

Tsukiko Kotobuki
Combat and Science
Control over water (demon has heat control)

Power: The ability to create and control water to her will. Can also pull things with the water, make it freeze or heat it to boiling/exploding
Demon power: Extreme heat and flames, melts anything not created by powers at will, extraordinary strenth but slow speed
Seal: Green gem on a necklace
Normal Drawbacks: Takes a toll on the mind when using. Has to rest now and again.
Demon drawbacks: Severe stress on the body and powers rage a bit on the transformation back. Gets sick for a while.

Normal Apperance:
Hair: Purple down to the small of her back
Eyes: Heterocromic, one green one purple, 20/20 vision in purple 40/20 in green (green can see twice as far clearly)
Height: 5'4"
Skin tone: Very slight tan visible but quite pale everywhere else (underside of forearms for example)
Other: Wears a black and/or red and/or purple dress when outside, might be seen in a lab coat if in too much of a hurry or teaching the science class.

Hair: No hair but red horn in forhead, chin and back of head
Eyes: Yellow cats eyes 20/20 and 10/20 (short range sight)
Height: 6'4"
Skin tone: Red
Other: Long tail, mouth almost like a sharks and surprisingly smooth skin if you feel it

Personailty: A kind but not so gentle soul but a brutal demon deep inside, gives 110% at all times but loses her temper when things go deeply wrong, always tries to keep her cool but in battle loses control sometimes if she gets too excited

Demon: Almost nothing but rage but will stop to salute the Soviet Hammer&Sickle from the USSR days

Family?: Jessica, Emily, Sarah, Andrea, Sasha

Others: Project 14

History: Tsukiko was a small girl abandoned by her father after a couple years and her mother died during childbirth. She lived off the streets and her vast knowledge that was far more advanced than most people gave her credit for. She stayed in school and sped through the grades with top marks and got pushed into university earning herself degrees in Physics, Sociology, Psychology, Mechanics, Biochemistry and Chemistry. After that she found that she couldnt get a job in any of those fields because she was only ten years old, so she travelled the world. She saw many wonderous things and met many people but never really connected to any of it. Then she ran across a small family. She noticed how happy they were and just started to cry. She went all the way back to her old home in a junkyard. She cried for days and finally ventured out to a park. She played there and envied the other kids greatly but she knew she was special. She could make water flow into her house even though there was no pipes. She also got her first friend, a young girl named Togi. She played with her everyday until she got into a car accident when she pulled Togi out of the way. She fell into a coma for years and almost never woke up. All that she heard was a deep Russian voice asking if she wanted to live. She said yes and the voice said If that is your wish then so be it! She woke up in the hospital bed and was perfectly fine. She got placed into a foster family with some girls that seemed to have powers like her, but not her genius. She started making odd machines and assorted items including her current weapon the amore rose. She slipped up when she was creating one machine and brought it to life with some of her blood. It caused a lifelink meaning only she could kill it and only it could kill her unless they die at the same time. The sisters kicked her out after the fight destroyed half the house but resulted in Project 14's confinement. They told her about the school and got a job right after the heamaster saw her 5.0gpa and diplomas. She discovered that Togi was working at this school as well but dismissed it as a name coinsidence.
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Tsukiko Kotobuki (incomplete and not putting in code due to keystroke limit) Empty Re: Tsukiko Kotobuki (incomplete and not putting in code due to keystroke limit)

Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:37 pm

I think that's everything. If I missed something, just tell me. Approved ^^
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