The reaper's weapon of death

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The reaper's weapon of death Empty The reaper's weapon of death

Post by Lady Ryusha on Sun May 27, 2012 1:39 am

Weapon Template

Name:The reapers claymore
Type: broadsword (claymore)
Power: Glows a dark shadowy aura that resembles a cloud.
Returns to the Noone whenever she calls it if she had dropped it in battle.
Made out of a material that is from another realm. Which makes it nearly imposssible to break no matter the circumstance or material used to attempt to cut it.
Seal: None. It is always there while Noone is in her night time grim form.
Description: A claymore made out of a material from another realm. the blade is insanely sharp and it's hilt is made from a wood-like substance harder then most metals on the mortal plane.
History: It came to Noone upon her first transformation. It chose her to be it's grim. It is traditionally a weapon of power that only chooses a small number of people. The claymore and scythe are the weapons which are few and far between. Even for the beings of separate realms.

Appearance: (The bottom blade)

The reaper's weapon of death Unnamed_Demon_Swords_by_Crow_of_the_Abyss
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