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Post by Apocalypse on Sun Apr 29, 2012 3:01 am

Student Application

General Information
Name: Jake Graves
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Grade: Junior
Power: Part Dragon

Power Information
Power Description: Being part dragon, Jake has enhanced strength, speed and senses. His skin is also slightly harder to pierce or cut, Jake is able to sharpen his nails into sharp claws and sprout wings out of his back both the claws and wings are harder than steel, allowing Jake to use the wings for defense. Finally, Jake is able to breathe out fire, though he is not very good at this yet due to his young age, being only able to spit out basketball sized fireballs.
Jake Graves Dog_tattoo
Located on the back of both his hands.
Drawbacks: Jake's enhanced senses can be used against him, for example, if someone shines a light into his eyes the effect would be much worse to him than to a normal human. There are also weak spots on his skin that are just as spot as regular human skin, these weak spots are located close to pressure points, most of the time being an inch or two away from the pressure points.

Hair: Auburn, Chin length, Somewhat Messy.
Eyes: Red
Height: 5'11
Skin Tone: Creamy Complexion
Other: Jake wears fingerless gloves to cover the seals on the back of his hands.
Jake Graves Anime_Guy_by_CannibalTaco34
Jake Graves P_75020

Description: Jake is acts like a friendly person with a laid back attitude, inwardly however, he has a cynical and cunning personality. Jake is able to remain calm under most circumstances and think things through rationally before acting. His cunning mind and ability to remain calm turns Jake into a dangerous opponent as his cunning mind can devise strategies which lead him to victory more often than not. Jake is also rather apathetic to death, being able to shrug off the sight of a person dying and continue with what he was doing before. Despite all this, Jake values any true friends he makes greatly, though in order to be considered a friend Jake must have a lot of trust in that person.
Flaws: Trusts people rather slowly, apathy to death
Likes: Italian food, sleeping, quiet places, reading
Dislikes: Noisy, being woken up, arrogant punks who think their cool

Family/ Relatives: Parents, Deceased.
Jake was born in an average middle class family as an only child, his mother worked in a bank and his father worked as an accountant. Life was lonely for Jake as he grew older, he was an outcast in school due to his odd eye color. Due to this, Jake quickly grew a love for reading and carried a book with him everywhere he went, he was especially fascinated by dragons, thinking that they looked cool and were awesome. He remembered his mother giggling whenever he was buried nose deep in a fantasy book filled with tales of dragons in it, Jake always wondered why but all he got from his mother whenever he asked was a mysterious "You'll know when you get older."

And get older he did, by the age of 10, Jake was a top student in school, he made few friends and rarely socialized but he treasured his small group of friends nonetheless. Then one day, everything changed, it was late in the evening when he reached his home, having spent the afternoon in school doing a project with his small group of friends. There were screams coming from his house, Jake rushed in without a second thought. Upon entering the house, Jake saw several men in uniforms standing over the bleeding body of his father, he quickly scanned the room and saw that his mother was being shot at, but she wasn't dying for some reason. Wings suddenly sprouted from his mother's back and wrapped around her in an attempt to protect herself. Snapping out of it, Jake did the stupidest thing possible, he yelled at the men to stop. Surprisingly the men did indeed stop, they were looking at Jake in shock that they hadn't noticed him, Jake's mother quickly yelled at him to run away but one of the men took the chance and got a lucky shot through her heart. Something in Jake snapped at the sight, he yelled in rage and everything went red, when he came to, he was standing atop a pile of mangled corpses, blood trickling from his mouth, claws instead of hands and wings sprouting out of his back.

Unable to comprehend what happened, Jake passed out. When he woke up once again he was inside a hospital room, the doctors questioned him about what happened but Jake pretended that he didn't know what happened and only saw the men shoot his mother before he passed out from shock. He was then sent to an orphanage where Jake stayed for another five years before receiving an invitation to Darks University. Within the five years in the orphanage, Jake had found that he was able to sharpen his nails into claws at will and they were able to tear through metal with ease, he also discovered that a mark had formed on the back of both his hands, he concealed them with the pair of fingerless gloves he now wore. Jake had also found that he could sprout wings from his back, he chose to buy a jacket which he could remove before sprouting his wings so that there wouldn't be too big holes on the back of his shirt visible for the entire world to see whenever he used his wings. In time, Jake also found that he could breath out balls of fire, the biggest he could manage was one the size of a tennis ball at the time.

Upon his arrival to Darks University, Jake continued to train his powers and managed to increase the size of his fireballs to the size of a basketball, he also found that his wings were just as strong as his claws after several tests that he performed. Jake has now been to Darks University for two years and is starting his Junior year now.

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Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:46 pm

Approved. ^^
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