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Post by Kyara Morisu on Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:52 am

Student Application

General Information
Name: Kyara Ria Aishin Morisu
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Grade: Sophomore
Power: Part Neko

Power Information
Power Description: Kyara is a Neko, so basically she has the senses of a cat. Cats know the difference of up and down, so cats land feet-first when they're thrown out of the window. Same for Kyara, but she isn't one who'd actually be thrown out of a window. She can claw people, like most cats, and has 9 lives. Yeah, 9 [see her history for more info Wink]. As a Neko, Kyara can speak to cats. She can see in the dark. At night, her eyes turn into those of a cat's, but at day it just looks normal. Like some [or most] cats, she can hear from far away, thus warning her if there are intruders around.
Seal: A scar shaped like a star. Located on her left wrist.
Drawbacks: Her super-hearing powers can be used against her. If people are around her and they shout, it affects her a lot since her hearing makes it extra louder.

Hair: Long and a light, silvery green
Eyes: Red orange. Normal-shaped at day, cat-like at night.
Height: 5'6
Skin Tone: Pale
Other: Has cat-ears and a cat's tail. Both are the same color as her hair.
Kyara Morisu [FINISHED] Anime-neko2

Description: Kyara doesn't like being around loud people, or even silent people, because she is very shy. She doesn't really like interacting with people and making friends, like most people in her family. She also doesn't like humans, because they all find her quite weird and ugly. Some even say that she's an 'alien'. But Kyara knows how to maintain her kindness. She does her best to let go of the people she doesn't like, and she is quite good at that. She is very intelligent and speaks very well. She knows how to use the right words. But all of these are only used for lying. Kyara is a great liar. When she wants to do something but the adults won't allow her? She lies her way through. In the end, the people agree and she gets what she wants. She can be really sarcastic when she wants to, and there's usually no stopping her when she gets mad. Despite her lying, Kyara can be a really great friend. She is very loyal to those she likes and trusts them.
Flaws: Has a hard time trusting people she doesn't like and has a hard time telling the truth
Likes: Silence, lying, animals, books, flowers, dark colors, wandering around
Dislikes: Humans, snobs, know-it-alls, trusting people she doesn't like, doing nothing, telling the truth, not getting what she wants, people who think they're better than her, her parents

Family/Relatives: Keyrali Taiiga-Morisu [mother; alive], Takeshi Morisu [father; deceased], Yumiko Morisu [sister, age 10; alive], Hikari Morisu [sister, age 4; alive]
History: Kyara is the first-born daughter of Keyrali and Takeshi Morisu. She has never been close to her parents and she never liked the way they treated her. Back then, Kyara was only a human. No part Neko-ness and no powers. Just normal. As a child, she was very shy. She loved to lie to her parents and she loved playing with her younger sister at the time, Yumi. Her father died in her father's work building, where a bomb was hidden. The bomb exploded, and everyone on the first few floors of the building died. At the burial, Kyara was absent. She was in the road across their house. She refused to go with the rest of her family to her father's funeral. Her mother was also pregnant at the time, with Hikari. Kyara had been playing by herself on the road, when a cat appeared. Yeah, so it seemed really normal. But little did Kyara know that the cat changed her. She had no idea what happened, but all she knew was that she woke up in her room with a wound on her left wrist shaped like a star. Somehow, she fell asleep after seeing the cat, and the cat clawed her left wrist and marked a star. The next day, she felt something furry on her hair. Looking at the mirror, she saw ears and a tail. Those of a cat's. It made her panic and hide in her room for the rest of her day. She wrote a note to her mother:

Dear family,

I'm really, really sorry I'm leaving. A horrible thing has happened to me today, and I'm running away for good. There's nothing you can do to stop me. Don't follow me. You'll never, and I mean
never, find me. I'm leaving for good, so don't expect me to come back. I'll show up once in a while to Hikari and Yumi.

Promise me you won't tell anyone I left.

She started packing her clothes and other important things and jumped through the window. She landed safely, feet-first. She started walking away, trying her best to hide her ears and tail. In her journey, there had been a couple of drunks who attempted to stab her, but, surprisingly, she survived. She found out that she had 9 lives. After a long week of travelling, she found her self in front of Darks University. She entered the place and decided to stay there for good.
Kyara Morisu
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Post by Vashy on Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:31 pm

A couple questions befor I say yes, with the landing on the feet thing, I'm assuming if its from a great height, (like a cliff.. or fifth floor of a building) you would sustain some kind of injury. Or at least be jarred and find it painful. Landing on your feet doesn't stop gravity's force afterall.

Also how do you intend on using the nine lives?, Is it a regeneration thing?, If its a fatal wound through the heart or something would it make it difficult for her to return to life?. I'm not 100 percent sure abuot this part at all being allowed. Sorry, but I'll have to ask kasi about it. She might say otherwise.

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Kyara Morisu [FINISHED] Empty Re: Kyara Morisu [FINISHED]

Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Sun Jun 24, 2012 11:45 pm

I'm a little iffy on the 9 lives. It wouldn't really make a big difference here, I suppose, but I would like to know the inner workings of it. And further on he landing on your feet, you would probably still break your legs from a high height. Also, the cat uses it's tail to swerve it's body in the right direction and requires at least five feet to have enough time to turn. Scale that up to human size and you'd probably have to have a good 10 feet or so. So... Good luck.
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Kyara Morisu [FINISHED] Empty Re: Kyara Morisu [FINISHED]

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