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Post by Remy on Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:34 am

Student Application

General Information
Name: Remy Lait
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Grade: Sophomore

Power Information
Power Description:

Hair: Blonde Mohawk
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2
Skin Tone: Black
Remy Lait [WIP] G247_Mario_Balotelli_HairStyle_Blond_201204

Description Remy is a stubborn guy. He is lazy and doesn't pay attention much at school. Is a bit selfish. He is a humorous guy and has a lot of friends but he has a short temper and doesn't trust people that easy. His friendliness depends on how you treat him. He only respects people who deserve respect. He can have a bad mouth. Always does the things that he wants. He rarely listens to people and does things with his own decision. At times, he may laugh at the funniest jokes but fight at the harshest insults. He keeps his friends close to him even though he has a bad attitude. Laughs always at his own jokes. He loves playing pranks on people. He often does crazy, unexpected things. One day he might just run a car through a house but who knows.
Flaws Has a bad attitude, selfish, and rarely listen to other people.
Likes Soccer, girls, and fighting.
Dislikes Cocky people, butt kissers, nosy, and talkative people.

Family/ Relatives: All deceased

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