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Post by VampireInTheSky on Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:11 pm

Xandria and the land of the Light and the Dark are gripped by a terrible plague. People everywhere are growing sick and dying from the most horrific illnesses. They cough until their throats bleed and their tongues are raw; they sometimes itch profusely and it foten drives them mad; lumps start to grow on the skin and turn an awful black in colour and slowly, the extremeties lose all sensations. But this is not just any plague - the most feared thing about such a virus is not the horrific death, but something entirely different and all the more terrifying.

Those who die, do not stay dead for long.

The dead bodies rise again, possesed by something from another place altogether. The zombies roam the land, infecting everyone they can get close enough to bite.

And the situation is worsening.

The Goddess Reina, of the Light Lands and the Reaper of the Dark Lands are at war with one another. Both blame each other for the virus and are demanding Xandria get involved and support a side.

Xandria has always been a peaceful land, where the supernatural - those between the living and the dead - reside. Their King ruled strong and honourable and Xandria was famous for being the "Peaceland".

However, with the outbreak of the virus and the Light and Dark lands at war, Xandria grew unstable. Certain races chose to support certain sides and soon, the King was assassinated in his bed, leaving his older daughter, Chaos, to be Queen.

Now, the youngest Queen in history, Chaos must find a way to prevent her Kingdom from breaking out into a civil war and msut find a cure to the virus before the Light and Dark Lands destroy one another and Xandria along with them.


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