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Post by Akira Kaburagi on Sun Apr 29, 2012 3:54 am

Faculty Application

General Information
Name: Akira, Raijuu, Kaburagi
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Class/Facility: Gym/Power training.
Power: Genetic manipulation.

Power Information
Power Description: Akira's ability is genetic manipulation of his body to a certain extent, he can control his entire body shaping or better worded would be adapting to whatever he needs to. His ability is controlled by his thoughts so without a hint of movement or sound from him he can activate the ability, with this ability he can adapt to any number of things like if he were being attacked with electricity he could change him to have the same conductivity as rubber and the same stretching ability. If he were being attacked by someone with super speed he could change the hardness of his skin to diamond so they would simply damage themselves, because of this it is very difficult to accurately gauge the extent of his ability. This ability has multiple uses as he can use it for nearly anything for example if someone tried to drowned him he could change his body to have gills.
Seal: A small silver ring on his right hand.
Drawbacks: With this ability there are limits such as Akira cannot change into anything unstable, for example he cannot turn into a gas, liquid or something like fire such things are so unstable that he would break apart without being able to reform his body. It is also impossible for him to genetically change his body so that he has the powers of others so he cannot use his ability to make it so he could fly or teleport and his ability does not work on others meaning he cannot touch someone and make it so their body changes to his will.

Hair: Silver/White, short length.
Eyes: An entrancing golden color.
Height: Six feet exactly.
Skin Tone: Darker in color almost caramel some might say.
Other: N/A
Akira Kaburagi (Done) Bilal-7

Description Akira is a people person when he chooses to be, some people rub him the wrong way as he is a rather down to earth person. But it is true that he does prefer to be alone sometimes as well seeing as well he is human and he needs his own thoughts instead of others. His main philosophy is to treat others the way you wish to be treated, as a result he has a strong sense of giving others respect and caring as he thinks it is how everyone should act.

Even sworn enemies should show respect to one another or at least Akira thinks they should, caring well sometimes one has to shut that off as it gets in the way. Also because of the way he thinks Akira never holds back in a fight, even if there is a zero point one percent chance of them defeating him he will not hold back because to do so would be disrespectful and possibly cause his downfall. Anger is usually something that is not seen with Akira but occasionally it does happen when someone is disrespectful or arrogant constantly as he feels the need to take them down a peg or two. Bragging and accepting compliments are something that is never heard from him as he rather humble even when he accomplishes a great feat he simply chalks it up as his duty.

Other than his respectful and caring sides he is rather laid back especially after a training session, sometimes he even feels so happy after a good training session he wants to sing though many have told him he has a terrible singing voice. Most who know Akira cannot claim that he is a bloodthirsty person but he is rather battle hungry as he enjoys fighting, it is only a few times that he enjoys a fight fully. A battle between rivals or to prove who is stronger without having to kill the other is a battle where Akira can put forth his full power without worry, he dislikes killing but knows that sometimes it must be done for the good of others.

Flaws: A constant procrastinator, not very disciplinary with students, flirts with women almost always.
Likes: Sweet things, nature, teaching others how to control their abilities, using his ability to help others,
Dislikes: Loud noises, arrogant people, bitter things, cruelty, those who are ashamed of their abilities, those who misuse their abilities.

Family/ Relatives: Mother: Serina Kaburagi (Alive). Father: Raijuu Kaburagi (Believed to be deceased.)
History: Akira was born in japan originally but his family soon moved to the united states due to his mother's work as a military contractor though she herself did not go to battlefields or war zones, she simply hired the men that would go there. They were well off with her money but his father still maintained his own job as a fishermen with his own boat, Akira would often ride with him when they went out to the closer fishing areas and had fun. It was a trip that was only to be a week but a rather violent storm came in and the boat was damaged in the storm so they had to abandon the ship. One of the crew members was trapped under the mast and Akira's father used almost inhuman strength to lift the mast and throw the crew member to the rescue boat. That was the last known act of Raijuu Kaburagi as a wave slammed into the boat sinking it to the boat of the ocean, the search for Akira's father went on for nearly two weeks but a body was never recovered.

Because of his father's act Akira has become the man he is today strong and caring for others, rarely does he react violently towards anyone, as he grew up he trained to become as strong as his father thinking him to be a super man in many ways. He always questioned if he was strong just because he could beat others up, when he was younger he became a delinquent without truly realizing it as he thought he was protecting others. He would beat others because he thought he was protecting his friends who would just cause more trouble because they knew Akira would back them up. But because of this Akira actually discovered his ability as one day he got into a fight with a group far too large for him to take on alone, his friends had left him to fight by himself and he was being beaten badly when his ability activated. Just before a metal pipe slammed into his head he wished he could be as hard as steel and it happened the pipe bent around his head like silly putty.

He fought back taking them all down easily as his body was capable of breaking fists, bending pipes, stopping knives even it was incredible to the fifteen year old. He kept his ability a secret from his mother as he wanted to figure out exactly what he could do with this ability, he even had thoughts of becoming a super hero of sorts with his powers. He found that he could manipulate his body to do more than just become hard or heavy, he could make it like rubber even stretching his arms to hit people at a distance. His ability would soon be discovered by his mother though as she accidentally tripped out into the street and a car was coming, Akira changed his density to a massive scale and the car was stopped dead in it's tracks. The front end crushed and Akira was standing there as if nothing had happened to him, once his mother learned of his powers and how he had been using them she decided that it would be best to find him help, using her contacts she discovered an academy that specialized in super humans.

It was here that Akira trained but more importantly he no longer had to hide his ability around others, in fact many of them praised his unique ability as it could be used in many different ways. Because he found the place to be so enjoyable he decided at a certain point to join the faculty and give back to the youths as his teachers had done for him, he got the position easily as it involved no real smarts and he had the perfect ability to train almost any student.
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Akira Kaburagi (Done) Empty Re: Akira Kaburagi (Done)

Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:52 pm

Beautiful application. Your power is a little strong, but you're faculty, so I'll allow it. Approved. ^^
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