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Faculty Application

General Information
Name: Mugendai, Azamuki
Race: Cambion (Half-Demon)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Class/ Facility: Metahuman Studies/ Room 213, Second Floor, Main Building
Power: Vector Manipulation

Power Information
Power Description: The power to redirect matter and energy; the user can basically control the motion and direction of an object, including themselves. User causes stagnant and unmoving objects to travel in a controlled direction, regardless of the user’s physical strength or speed. In short, this is a more advanced and powerful version of Telekinesis. Moving objects too can be redirected, essentially creating an "Ultimate Defense" that prevents any physical energy or matter from coming into contact with the user. Beyond that, there are other uses for this power: mimic superhuman strength by increasing the vector in the muscles, flight, by canceling the vectors of gravity or by using wind vectors as self-propulsion, stopping incoming projectiles by decreasing their vectors to zero and finally travel at superhuman speeds by vectoring one's own body or using the vectors present on the ground, to the point of speed of light.
Seal: Right Palm;
Azamuki 2.0 [Complete!] Zen-infintytwo2
Drawbacks: Users is limited to controlling the vectors of one situation, and therefore being distracted with one task may leave the user open for an attack.

Hair: Silver
Eyes: Amethyst
Height: 6'1"
Skin Tone: Fair complexioned (light skin)
Other: n/a
Azamuki 2.0 [Complete!] Ayanami

Description Azamuki is at best, sympathetic and knowledgeable. Being what many would consider far from Human, he can very easily relate to the students of Darks University. There's always been an enigma to Azamuki, however... Unlike many others, Azamuki has always been very hard to read. A master of deception; he keeps his distance from fellow faculty and students, but he does share somewhat of a relationship with everyone. He isn't afraid to share his opinion, but is rarely outspoken, and often only speaks up should his counsel be required of him. As founder of Metahuman Studies, he has perhaps the most thorough amount of knowledge on the subject, and that's something that makes him an asset to the University; for that among other things, he is regarded as a respectable man.
Flaws Some view him as mistrusting, which often creates a problem when it comes to communicating with those who feel that way.
Likes Harmony, Waltz, Teaching, Studying, Reading, Writing, Sparring/Training.
Dislikes Conflict, Spicy foods, Interdependency, Rap.

Family/ Relatives: Mugendai, Shiroyi: Azamuki's mother. She was a General in the Japanese military. She had started from the very bottom, went to school and rose to the top thereon. She made a name for herself in quelling a series of organized militia before they became a real threat within Japan. She had the Mugendai Estate built, a large overlooking villa based on western architecture. It was where she raised her son, Azamuki.


Azamuki's story starts with a seemingly angelic-being, that his mother, a woman named Shiroyi fell in love with. She had seen this particular man in her dreams more than once; often of the sensual variety. She had believed it was fated that they were to meet in the real world, and she had immediately fell in love. Azamuki was sired by this dreamy man. There was no wedding, no after-party... Nothing. Just a young, loving couple dating for a couple of years.

Once Azamuki had been born, he had no pulse; there was no sign of life, and her lover was absent; it was as if he had never existed, especially when he was needed most. This concerned her, and the surgeons were shocked. This creature was crying... But it lacked any signs of a Human life. Shiroyi, Azamuki's mother had consulted with doctors of the highest caliber, and they had no answers for her.

Overtime, Azamuki had in fact aged, like any other boy. He appeared to be a Human, but, his mother knew there was something 'special' about the boy set out before her. It was a mother's intuition. There was something unusual alright. This child was a most curious one. With very little knowledge of him, parents and children alike adored and admired him. He was exceptionally beautiful... His father's angelic looks. He could make friends very easily, and few would ever argue or fight with him. A child loved by all, the pride of the Mugendai name.

In Azamuki's early teens his superhuman abilities were starting to manifest. With merely a thought, he could manipulate objects of any variety. He was often at his family villa with the Mugendai butler, Tenaka while his mother was out quelling what could be a national disaster. In his spare time he would often 'play' with his toys using his abilities. In actuality, he was testing how far he could go with his power, and it seemed limitless. The more he messed with it, the greater of an understanding he had obtained of it. In no more than a year's time he began looking into reports of other cases. Whenever he found a lead, it seemed to disappear from his mind if he got too close to figuring it out. This continued for a while.

After having finished high school at the age of seventeen, he had applied for admission into a military academy. There he studied for a little over a year, having been made an officer in the military with exceptionally high performance. Throughout his time as an officer, he had trained other soldiers, earned some clearance regarding military affairs or otherwise, and always proved himself a rightful representation of his mother's glorious name.

When he was made into a Colonel, he was requested into a secret military program, that's aim was to uncover particularly gifted individuals with superhuman abilities. Little did they know that they were working with one. This proved to be the perfect opportunity for Azamuki in uncovering some of mankind's secrets with all the resources he could ever need.

Overtime, he had realized that this special program he was a part of had 'plans' to stabilize and control varying people with unique abilities to use for their own agenda. At first, he coped with it. He had to uphold the Mugendai name, and did so willingly; proudly. But their modus operandi was increasingly violent and damaging for potential 'super-soldiers' and Azamuki wouldn't have it. Using his authority as Colonel and varying connections within high command, Azamuki was able to shut the program down. Doing so, had been considered high treason, and instead of wasting away being constantly pursued by assassins... He fled; leaving behind his past, and having been branded a traitor among many circles of the military.

Later that night, his family's estate had been burned to the ground... With his mother in it. The Mugendai name had been stained, and it was due to a corrupt government led by selfish, greedy, politically-inclined bureaucrats. Azamuki didn't know what to do with himself... Until a shady, nameless figure approached him with an letter. It offered him admission into the enigmatic Darks Academy, a safe haven and center of learning for those more or less like him. He knew exactly what that meant.

After having been enlisted into Darks Academy he quickly worked his way up in under a year's time, graduating from the Academy. He was able to keep his seal, or remove it forever. He decided to have it remain on his right palm, as a reminder of what it is he is and what sort of power he possesses. Not knowing where to go, or what to do next... He instead became a teacher at Darks Academy, wanting to pass on his knowledge and understanding of the nature of superhuman abilities down to his students. Since then, he has been the founder of the Metahuman Studies course, and has done his job well thus far.

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