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Student Application

General Information
Name: Hunter Kieff
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Grade: Junior
Power: Concussive Break

Power Information
Power Description:
Whenever a human moves their limbs, they generate a certain amount of kinetic energy. There is much more to the simple movements that people do every day. The way this ability works as that through movement and transfer of motion, Hunter's body takes it in like a generator and pumps it back out as concussive force. The strength of his concussive break is dependent on how much energy generated by the initial movement. If his attack is strong enough, it can project for several feet outward although it gets weaker as it travels through open air.
Drawbacks: The primary uses of the ability are limited to close and mid range combat. Also, if the seal is activated and Hunter moves around for too long without releasing any of the stored energy, he will overcharge and eventually self-destruct. When he self destructs, Hunter is knocked out immediately and without medical attention, his chances for survival are extremely slim.

Hair: Black
Eyes: Steel Grey
Height: 6'4"
Skin Tone: White
Other: In order for his ability to work at its maximum potential, Hunter needs to be in top physical condition. So with the large amount of muscle, the base strength of his ability is enough to smash stone and warp metal.

Hunter's entire body is covered with a number of scars that range from long and dark, to small and lightly colored. These are a form of momento that keep him grounded. Even through he didn't deserve many of the wounds, they make him aware that he is still very human despite his ability.


Hunter feels that first impressions can make or break a relationship with a person. If he were to start off thinking someone was bad, or untrustworthy; it would be hard for him to think any better of them unless they were able to show that they were more than what they seemed to be. At first, he will seem very distant an uninterested. But if the person caught his attention he would be friendly and open to them. He's not outwardly rude to people, and generally responds appropriately unless rubbed the wrong way.

The seal on his right arm is the most reliable way to show his mood, the intensity of color reflecting how he truly feels about a situation. That's why he usually keeps his upper body covered with a jacket.

Hunter Kieff is an extremely stubborn and headstrong individual. In fights with more than one person involved, he is most likely to jump right in the center of the action without thinking about his own actions. When it comes to decision making, he generally turns to what he feels like doing; often forgetting about how people feel. He often puts himself into hard situations that end up in a trip to the hospital for most parties involved, and whenever someone tries to tell him that he needs to be more careful, he tends to tune them out. Loyal to a fault, once someone has gained his trust; Hunter will do just about anything to ensure nothing bad happens to them. In the event that the person gets harmed because of him, he finds is extremely hard to forgive himself. And if someone betrays his trust, it's will be extremely hard to gain it again.
Likes: Coffee, Cigarettes, Exercising and making new friends.
Dislikes: Being preached to about his habit (Although a little reminder every once in a while wouldn't hurt), Liars, Manipulators.

Family/ Relatives:
Sergei Kieff- Father (Deceased)
Valencia Kieff- Mother
Damien Keiff- Brother (Deceased)
Hunter Kieff spent the majority of his life in a broken home, reeking of old blood and the pungent odor of hard liquor Most of the blood was either his or his younger brother Damien's. Their father was a decent, hard working man. But sometimes the stress of a long work day and an almost non-existent sex life lead him to pick up the bottle, and once the bottle was empty all hell broke loose. Even at midnight, Damien would be picking shards of broken glass from his older brothers bleeding back. They never called the police, though. Always felt that it was the way things were supposed to be... It was the only thing they knew. As soon as the old bastard stumbled in the house playtime was over. Everyone would retreat to their rooms for the night, Hunter would always make sure his frail little brother would sleep in the same bed as him, holding him tight to quell the impending sobs of fear. So much as an awkward glance would piss the drunkard off.

At sixteen years old Hunter wanted to have a life of his own, he did not want to be bothered by the problems of his little brother, or the problems of anyone. He left early in the morning and didn't return until late at night, and the first few times were just fine. But the third night is where the atmosphere changed Hunter came to notice that his little brother had significantly more bruises than an average afternoon of wrestling with his older brother. The questioning turned into more of an interrogation until Hunter realized that without his being there, his brother became the focus of malicious intent. He usually checked in, but only to see if Damien was alright like a good big brother should and the one time he didn't, the one time he decided to have more fun, would be the last time he would show his face without fear of being imprisoned for double homicide.

Move ahead one day. Same routine, same old story, Hunter ruffled Damien's hair before disappearing. Damien worried, as usual and began to panic once Hunter did not come back for the check-in. His father would rise up, the alcohol still commanding his large workers body, grab the half empty beer bottle and slam it upon Damien's head. Unlike other times he cried out in pain while his mother looked on, indifferent like she always did. The loud cry enraged the man and sent him into a frenzy. He slapped Damien around and hurled any object he could find at him, but instead of finding a book or bottle like usual, his clumsy hands found a knife. Hunter unlocked the door shortly after the knife was thrown and connected with his little brothers chest, puncturing the aorta. Damien hit the ground without uttering a single word and began to bleed out. Their father laughed and told him to quit faking, but the realization of what just happened sobered him instantly. With a roar Hunter charged at his father with a rage that he had never felt before and slammed his fist directly into the man's stomach. This was the first time he ever used his ability. The concussive break was strong enough to blast Sergei through the glass window and send him falling down three stories to his death. He couldn't even scream since the wind was forced right from his lungs.

Without even batting an eye, Hunter rushed to the near colorless body little brother and cradled his head in his arms, the same way a mother would hold her baby for the first time and whispered small things to him. Things like 'Don't fall asleep, bro... I'm right here.' or 'Everything is going to be okay.' but these were unintentional lies. Damien smiled at him and weakly reached up to stroke Hunters face, whispering 'I know it will.' before he went into shock and passed shortly after. He died with his eyes open, the steel gray iris losing its sparkle and his mouth filled with blood. Hunter swept his fingers down the lids to close them and hugged the corpse tight, crying and cursing aloud.

Hunter looked up to his mother who released a shrill cry of terror when she saw the end result. She knew that Hunter didn't attack his brother. However when she picked up the phone and dialed for the police, she lied about everything. His own mother, the one who was supposed to love him unconditionally, made him look like a complete monster. She said that he went ballistic and shoved his father down to his death before turning to kill Damien. And with a knife in hand, she stabbed herself in the thigh just to blame it on him. He had no other options... As much as he hated Valencia for betraying him, he couldn't bring himself to do her harm. Despite all that she let happen to him, she was still his mother. So with nothing but the clothes on his back, Hunter ran as hard as he could.
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