Nyoikinkōbō (Complete!)

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Nyoikinkōbō (Complete!)

Post by Azamuki 2.0 on Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:51 am

Weapon Template

Name: Nyoikinkōbō
Type: Staff
Power: It has the power to change its size, multiply itself to a maximum of 12 copies, and fight according to the whim of its master.
Seal: Sewing Needle
Description: When it is not in use, Genma shrinks it to the size of a sewing needle and keeps it behind his ear. It’s made of a magical material known as ‘Black Iron’, which makes it virtually indestructible and has two golden bands one on each end. The staff itself is colored red, with some golden cloud designs on it. The staff weighs 2,000lbs.
History: Genma along with the members of his foster home went on a leisurely fishing trip to the Sea of Japan. While there, Genma decided it’d be more challenging and enjoyable to catch the fish by hand. Everyone doubted he could do it initially, but he ended up proving them wrong entirely. Roughly thirty minutes before they were about to take their leave, Genma had taken it upon himself to swim further and further away. He wouldn’t listen to the warnings of his friends and elders. He swam deeply underwater, and just began looking around, taking in the beautiful life-forms in the water. It was then that he discovered a glistening staff with two golden bands. It was entrenched in the water. He went up to catch his breath, and then swam deeper than ever before. When he reached the staff, he tried pulling it out, but could not. Finally, he put all of his strength into using every muscle in his body, and somehow… somehow, he pulled it out. Before swimming back up with it, he could’ve sworn seeing the glistening eyes of a mighty dragon… But he ignored it. Knowing full well that he couldn’t just take it back with him, he kept it in a hiding place where no one else could find it. When he was invited to Darks, he made sure to take it with him.

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Mugendai, Azamuki

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Re: Nyoikinkōbō (Complete!)

Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:18 pm

Approved. ^^
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