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Student Application

General Information
Name: Meili Ling
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Grade: Senior
Power: Meteorokinesis - the ability to sense and influence the weather, this means that the user can generate any natural phenomenon and control its intensity from concentrated areas to wide spread. These powers can be accidentally caused emotions and the user may or may not be able to control the emotion spawned weather, it just depends on what emotion it is and how strong they feel it.

Power Information
Power Description:
Primary: Meili’s primary skills restrict her to small manipulations of weather/elements of weather that are already in the area and a weaker ability to sense changes in the atmosphere. Because she is restricted to elements that are already there she rarely uses her ice skill, in warm areas, that allows her to cool down the air to chilly temperatures below freezing point for the fact that any heat can make it harder to manipulate the necessary kinetic energy in the atoms of the air to cool down. Her ice skill is useful in cooler areas, but with the consequences of possibly giving herself frost bite and hypothermia. The opposite is the same for heating up the atoms to extreme heats, and raises the possibility of her succumbing to heat stroke. Her ice skill can be used to strengthen what would normally be a weak water attack. She can only take one handful of water to manipulate at a time and the water has to be pure in order for her to freeze the particles within it. She can use the small amount of water to purify, drink, use as a weak attack, and clean out a small wound. If the water is cool enough, she can shape the water into a sphere, or block, throw it at an opponent, and freeze it while still in the air, hitting the opponent with an extra oomph. Water is one of her powers that can always benefit another, like electricity. Her electrical powers allow her to turn off electrical objects for a short amount of time (2 posts) and/or create a small, sudden surge of power, which, depending on what it is, will spark. When this spark occurs she can attempt to quickly create a path of water from the sparks to the opponent, making the electricity travel through the water and to the person. Wind is also one of her benefiting powers; it allows her to create strong gusts of wind to push the opponent away from her, or even push her away from the opponent. It can also be used in her ice block attack that was mentioned earlier to quicken its pace and add more force to the attack.

Secondary: Meili’s secondary skills focus on creating weather for either her benefits in battle or to help people. After cooling an area below freezing point, she can take the cold water particles in the air and freeze them into snow, creating both a good cover to hide and to impede the movements of the opponent. With thermal manipulation she can easily melt the snow into a rain if need be, but she can also use her water manipulation skills to group together water particles and create a rain, which can be useful during droughts. But her water skills do improve in the secondary-level; she can now manipulate more water and it doesn’t have to be purified to freeze either. She can also, now, create small sparks to erupt from electrical equipment and now has a lengthened period of time to turn off electrical stuff (now 4 posts). Her wind powers have increased to stronger, more direct winds and can be used to aid her in longer, higher jumps.

Tertiary: Meili’s powers here have increased to be more attack related. She can now generate multiple ice blocks straight from the water particles in the air and shoot them at opponents, but during this she is unable to move until she shoots 2 posts worth or ice blocks. She can also now make a thicker snow that’s more common in an average winter snow day. Her thermal manipulations are a lot faster now, but she still has weaknesses against extreme heats and freezing colds. Her water manipulation as increased a lot more; now she can manipulate two large quantities of water for attacks, and when she creates rain it’s more a rain storm. She can now use electricity for straight on attacks; a strand of electricity made from her own energy, or energy taken from electrical stuff, will be used like a shock baton, only stronger. She can also now direct electricity from the air to the opponent. She can now create small vortexes, jump higher and further, and levitate for a short period of time (2 posts) because of her wind powers.

Final: For her final-level she can create powerful blizzards, generate ice walls, and use the water in the opponent’s body to create a large ice block to stop them from moving, and although her resistance to cold and hot weather has increased, she can still damage herself using this. She can create droughts with her thermal powers and direct heat waves at the opponent. She can now use water like blades, sharpening the edges when she wipes them at people. She can also create flash floods, take the water from nearby plants and people, and, when near large bodies of water, can create strong waterspouts and tsunami-like waves. For electricity she can now create a 2-post electrical storm (kind of like an AOE in mmos) in a compact area, but when she does this the attack stays in one place and she can’t use it for 5 more posts. She can also use the electrical energy in the opponent’s body to create inner sparks, but chances of this happening are low. Her wind powers have become one of her most useful skills here. She can glide along the wind, create massive tornadoes, hurricanes (during the right conditions), lift and throw opponents, and siphon the air from their lungs. While siphoning the air from others, she is rendered immobile and loses energy fast, so when she uses this skill she will end up exhausted right after. Also, while emptying the opponent’s lungs, she can attempt to fill their lungs with water, but chances of that happening are quite low.
Seal: The Greek symbol Sigma along her waist.
Drawbacks: She can get affected by the weather she creates if she isn't careful. Ex: She can get frostbite.

Hair: Short, raven black and is constantly brushed behind her ear so that the bangs don't block her vision
Eyes: Black-ish brown and almond shaped
Height: 5'6"
Skin Tone: Pale with a clear complexion
Other: She originally had long hair, but after an incident she cut it, but is now trying to grow it back out. She wears a lot of tight, short jackets with long sleeves and wide cuffs in the colours of black, red and gold and silver accessories, along with black spandex shorts and pink ruffled miniskirts. She has white thigh-high socks and red heels. Her outfit is all to benefit her in combat because it helps her move around without any restraint, not for show. She has a light airy voice, but can be heard when she
wants to be heard.

Description Meili is a protective girl, which can be dangerous when a friend, or someone she cares about, goes into battle because she feels obliged to help them. Her protective side comes from her loss of her family. She hates making others worried about her so she constantly covers up her emotions where necessary, but this causes her to lose sleep at night and become stressed. Aside from all of that, she is determined to get any job done in any way possible. In battle she tries to see every possible way to finish it quickly, or to avoid battle completely. She may not like battle, but she will fight either way for the people she loves. She can be bent to anyone’s will if she has no other way to save her friend.

Meili can be playful and enjoys teasing people once she gets to know them better, but when she first meets a person she acts all formal and business like. She’s an easy shell to crack when it comes to first meetings, it just takes a little poking. She enjoys
jokes a lot, letting loose a light giggle when she enjoys a joke, but when it comes to lewd jokes she will quickly get offended and won’t forget it. She always tries her best to be polite, but cannot help it if she appears any other way, and when she does notice
herself straying from her politeness she will be quick to apologize, unless of course she thinks you deserve it. When it comes to mourning (if the moment calls for it), she will need a strong push forward or else she will stay in the past and always thing of that
one (or more) person(s). On a normal day, Meili is seen with a small smile on her face, which can occasionally widen when she remembers something funny or anything that made her happy.
Flaws Can be bribed with chocolates and/or the safety of her friends.
Likes Chocolate, tea, horror movies, various styles of music, fantasy novels, cats, and bunnies.
Dislikes Coffee, caramels, romance movies and novels, pop music, and dogs.

Family/ Relatives: Unkown
History: Meili was let out of the test tubes somehow, but she couldn’t clearly remember what had happened that day. Everything was a blur, but somehow she made it out, with the constant reminders from the sigma symbol she found along her waist and the constant nightmares that plague her every night. She had no idea where she was or where she was going in the outside world. She hides, jumping from city to city all across Europe and Asia, attempting to find a way to fit in in society. Every month she moves, and in every city she moves to there’s always something different for her to do, but there’s always something for her to accidentally mess up. A year after her escape she had accidentally used her stronger powers, creating a powerful vortex of wind that had destroyed various weak buildings in the small town she resided in. Since that incident she had refrained using her powers are much as possible, and to remind herself that, she had cut her hair to a short boyish cut and ran.

Meili’s fear of water began one day when she was traveling. She had been crossing a rickety bridge as carefully as possible, over a fast paced river. The bridge had somehow broken, making her plummet into the waters below. Because of her oath of no powers
she hadn’t willed the water to make her drift to a place she could get out - but not that it would matter because her powers had weakened from lack of use - and was forced to fight against the water for breath. Pulled under the water, she had lost consciousness from lack of air. She had come to in a small town in China, the one country she hadn’t been to in Asia, and had learned that a couple of children found her amongst some rocks, unscathed. She had been thankful to the people of the town, and attempted to leave before she became a burden to the people, but after learning of how many difficulties they had she couldn’t resist the urge to help them. After staying in that small town, Meili moved on, traveling for many days and weeks until she finally made it to Darks.


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