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Faculty Application

General Information
Name: Togi Banashi
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Class/ Facility: Medical Studies and the Infirmary
Power: Aura of Rapid Cell Regeneration

Power Information
Power Description: She is able to make her hands glow green with an aura. This aura causes the cells of a being to constantly regenerate at an extreme rate, as if she were healing their wounds. The regeneration can only make regular healing speed up, so a broken bone takes much more time than a cut or a burn wound.
Seal: A ruby filament ribbon that she wears occasionally.
Drawbacks: Though she can heal any and every wound, she is not able to heal herself.

Hair: Long, to her knees, blonde.
Eyes: Grey.
Height: 5'11"
Skin Tone: Fair, pale
Banashi, Togi Togi

Description She is a little odd. Her personality likes to jump around from sweet to grumpy to arrogant, depending on very specific things. She tends to act very kind most of the time, due to being around her daughter. If she does not get enough sleep, or if she has not seen her loved one in quite a long time, she will get quite grumpy and tired and simply difficult to deal with. The arrogance factor just jumps in whens she is spending time with somebody new. Aside from all her personalities, she also has an irrational fear of blood. Just the thought of it makes her sick.
Flaws Fear of blood, inability to relate to childhood situations.
Likes Sleeping, being warm.
Dislikes Blood, most students.

Family/ Relatives: Vashy Banashi (Adopted Daughter)
She was born to a very wealthy family. Most of her young childhood she spent going to different daycare centers and camps. Anything that got her away from her parents, who simply did not have the time to care for a child. They were both too busy working. She did not make too many long-term friends, too much skipping around from activity to activity and meeting so many people. By the time she went to school she had issues befriending anybody. She found herself with much more time than before because she was no longer going to so many activities. Her parents still spent the whole day out working, she almost never saw them.

Much of her time was spent just studying alone in the library. It was not until junior high that she finally made a friend. It was another girl that spent a lot of time in the library. The girl came up to her and started to talk to her one day. She finally felt a happiness. This girl was wonderful. And really, her only friend. She was finally happy.

Unfortunately happiness can not last forever. She walked home from the library one day and said goodbye to her friend, her house was fairly close to the library. Only about a third of a mile. The next day her friend was not in the library. Or the next day. Or the next. She was a little worried. Maybe her friend got sick. She went to her friend's house and asked the girl's parents. They said the girl had gotten hit by a car. The girl died the day before. She was shocked. She left without saying anything. She walked all the way home and fell asleep in bed.

She stayed in bed for three days. She didn't cry until the final day. She didn't leave her room until the day she smelled smoke coming in through her window. She left her house, still dressed in her pajamas. She wanted to find the source of the smoke. She followed the trail of black, aromatic, death that flowed through the air. She stopped and started to cry when she saw the source of the fire. The library... it was gone. She stayed, staring at the building all day. Once the fire was out and it went dark, she left. It was too much. She didn't return home that night. She slept on a park bench. She knew what she had to do. When she woke in the morning, she walked to the trolley line. She was a broken girl. She was fourteen. None of this should be happening to her. She waited for the trolley to come by. She jumped in front of it. It was only a moment before she left in a flash of black.

She woke up to bright lights. Something felt odd. She heard a couple gasps and people came up to her, asking her questions. She couldn't talk. She felt terrible. After a day she figure out what was going on. She was in a comatose state for two years. They said she was sixteen now. They didn't know her name or where she lived. She didn't know either. She couldn't remember anything. She didn't know why...

The hospital couldn't find any identification of any sort for her. She just stayed at the hospital. Nobody seemed to mind. She did a lot of research at the hospital. She really liked medicine and everything that happened at the hospital. She also studied a bit about technology and software on the slower days at the hospital. When she turned 18 she was asked to leave the hospital and find a different place to live. They gave her a bit of money for the bits of work she did while she was there. She got an apartment close to the hospital. She couldn't live in the world without that hospital. It was all she knew.

She decided to take an internship at the hospital. She had to forge medical school papers. She didn't have the money or time to actually go to school. Also, she didn't really have a high school degree. She missed a couple years of it. Pretty much all of it. Luckily, the hospital accepted her. She worked there for a month or two. She loved it. Nearer to the end of her work she had a patient that was dying. She didn't know what to do with him. She was alone with him in his room. All the other doctors gave up. She felt terrible. He was dying. His heartrate monitor slowed. He started to flatline. Nobody else came in. They gave up on him... She was about to cry. She place her hand on his chest. She shut her eyes. Why... She felt a surge of energy run through her. She hit the ground. Her heart was beating fast. It was beating in time with... with that heartrate monitor. She looked up at it. The man was alive. She got up and looked at him. She checked over him. He was completely better. Doctors came in. They checked him. It was a miracle...

She was kicked out of the hospital because she couldn't produce a reason as to how she fixed the man. She didn't have a job for a while. She was kicked out of her apartment. She was only nineteen and she was going to be homeless... She got one last piece of mail before she had to leave. She opened it up. It was an invitation to work at a school. As a nurse. Strange... it came with a plane ticket. She didn't understand. It was the only thing she could do. She was homeless and her only friends worked in that hospital.

She arrived at the school. It was an academy for the 'unique'. She guessed that meant... the miracle with that man. It must've been her. She learned exactly what she could do. She took a couple classes at the school before she took up the fitting position of nurse. She had forged doctorate documents here, too. She didn't know how important they were, but she had them anyway. She was set.

The school slowly started to make her angrier. She didn't like students. They were annoying little kids. Kids that were 1-3 years younger than her. She spent all of her time sleeping. It wasn't a very good way of living. It wasn't too long into the year, though, when an injured student came into her office. It was a little girl, 14 years old. She spent a lot of time with the girl, fixing up the wounds. The girl had a post traumatic disorder. She decided to keep the girl with her for a while longer. She slowly decided that she fell in love with the girl. After a series of crazy adventures, she adopted the girl after a bad encounter with the girl's parents.

She raised the girl as her own daughter. She did everything with the girl, eating, bathing, sleeping. She really loved the girl. She even taught the girl everything the girl missed in school as a child. A fairly recent encounter with the girl's parents left her a little injured, though, with some spinal damage and a broken ankle. That's all that's happened so far.

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