John "Dämon" Hart (Finished)

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John "Dämon" Hart (Finished) Empty John "Dämon" Hart (Finished)

Post by Ethan on Thu Aug 23, 2012 11:02 am

Civilian Application

General Information
Name: John "Dämon" Hart
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Grade: Civilian

Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Skin Tone: Tan

Description: John is extremely quiet and usually uses hand signals over his actual voice, which would lend many to believe he was mute. He has a demanding presence aswell. AND APPARENTLY HIS BLAND PERSONALITY NEEDS TO BE SAID IS BLAND!
Flaws: He has been known to be a heavy drinker.
Likes: He likes his bow, his arrows, and his sunglasses.
Dislikes: Most people, guns, and oddly enough chicken.

Family/ Relatives: Father and Mother - Status: Alive
John was born into a military family, his father pretty much wanting to use John as a weapon. By the time John could walk his father was having him run simplistic military drills, by 10, John was just behind most men running obstacle courses. His marksmen ship at that age was pretty good as well, being able to hit a quarter with a pistol at 40 yards. When John turned 12 he was enrolled into a military academy. He quickly excelled to top of his class in everything, showing great aptitude for strategics and marksmanship.

Although being taught only on guns, he got ahold of a bow and arrows and quickly grew extremely adept at it. He quickly favored the quietness and lightness of the weapon, but it seemed to have no place in today's military. Hitting targets at unheard distances and unheard target sizes. He became under the watchful eye of a government that wanted him as a killing machine.

At 18, John graduated from the military academy with top honors. Being immediately sent into the Marines, he quickly rose through the ranks as a scout sniper, until the government watching him decided they had their own plans. They ambushed John and killed his spotter. When he came to he was in a chair in a dimly lit room, he was pretty much given an ultimatum, "Join us or die." He actually did so happily. From that day on he had essentially disappeared, training and training others for something, what it was he wasn't sure, but he felt like he had a purpose. When he was finally released to the world, he killed those he was told to with no remorse, he didn't care, he just was glad he wasn't dead.

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John "Dämon" Hart (Finished) Empty Re: John "Dämon" Hart (Finished)

Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Thu Aug 23, 2012 11:54 am

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