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Post by Kaiyo on Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:40 am

Student Application

General Information
Name: Kaiyo Saiyouko
Age: 19 *looks about 14*
Gender: Female
Grade: freshman
Power: Lightning manipulation

Power Information
Power Description: Creating lightning and manipulating it.
Seal: Due to the explosive and inert nature of her power, Kaiyo's seal is a tattoo, visible as a necklace when her power is sealed- when released the same form appears on her inside left wrist.
Kaiyo Saiyouko (DONE) Img-thing?
Drawbacks: Un-controlled, unable to rest

Hair:short blonde hair.
Eyes: blue
Height: 5"
Skin Tone:White
Other: Kaiyo has an athletic build; whilst short on stature her muscles are well defined and deceptively strong. Usually seen in sport attire of some description, her general appearance never quite manages 'smart' so casual suits her even better.
Kaiyo Saiyouko (DONE) Kaiyo_10

Description Though somewhat awkward, Kaiyo has a friendly and charming personality, if not slightly cocky she is very competitive and has strong beliefs. She makes friends easily and enjoys the company of others much more than her own counsil. A fault of her quick to act personality means she often lands herself in trouble, by not thinking of others or by offending them without realising. Her child like mentality often detracts from the academic mind the girl has, so she is more often than not, perceived as quite blonde.
FlawsKaiyo has a short attention span, she's hot-headed and often asks quickly without considering the consequences.
Likes adventure, sport, activity
Dislikes rules, boredom. monotony, rudeness

Family/ Relatives: One older sister
Kaiyo, like most children, had assumed herself to be special. Unlike most children, she was. The girl had been brought up with a strong sense of justice, hardened by her mothers police force occupation. Her father was a civil servant, thought she never asked specifics. Still, Kaiyo believed that it was the duty of those strong enough, to help the weak. This of course, caused a few issues. Trained in self defence and quite naturally sporty, Kaiyo was no expect, but trained enough to help out some weaker kids. Her reputation quickly caused turbulence within the family, with her older sister remaining at the same school, Kaiyo was moved along several times. Of course she was never alone or short of friends, but her quick temper was enough to dissolve such a friendly nature.

When 17, Kaiyo's parents were out for dinner one night. Through no severe misfortune, their car had run low on petrol, leaving the couple to walk across town to the gas station. As always in such tragedy's, the parents of the protagonist fuelled their power. Caught in a robbery, Kaiyo's mother attempted to intervene. Both her parents were shot dead. Left in the care of her 5 years older sister, their own relationship waned. Kaiyo turned more severely away from academic institutes, residing in her solitude and boiling rage towards their inability to help her. Out late one night, the girl was caught in a storm. On (of course) the anniversary of her parents death, Kaiyo found herself outside the very gas station where their souls had faded. The thundering skies above roared through the torrential downpour. Kaiyo watched from across the street, as a masked figure held up a gun in the shop. The lightning began to beat through her mind, pulsating in-tune with her heartbeat as something snapped in the girl. She ran without hesitation across the road, nearing the door just as the masked man exited. Gun in hand, and stolen money in the other. The sky exploded with light as Kaiyo lunged at the man, her muscles tightening with angst and power.Caught off guard, the gun slid across the wet ground. With a single strike to his gut, a sharp light entangled the girl's arm shrieking with electric power as Kaiyo stumbled back along the wet ground. Water soaking her body as she stared, silently at the charred, dead body of the man...

Of course the police could only assume that God himself has sought to smite the man and kill him from inside out- fried to a crisp. Unable to control her emotions let alone powers, Kaiyo was contacted after the event by a certain establishment promising to help her. So came to pass that Kaiyo Saiyouko, enrolled at Darks.

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Lovely. Approved.
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