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Post by Azamuki 2.0 on Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:22 am

Hello, Darks University. I know I've been inactive, and I post in this forum on short notice, however, I am relieved to see that there are some of you who I recognize and are still around. Recently I've brought back a forum I had been working on a few months back and completed it. I really have nowhere else to advertise and pulling in even one or two of you would be a great success. If I've broken a rule by advertising my forum, I apologize and you're welcome to remove this advertisement.

I hope you all can look past my inactivity and remember the time I had been an active part of your community. should any of you decide to become a part of my forum, feel free to advertise Darks University in it.

----------------------------------Brief Introduction----------------------------------
Elements Saga

The seven elements make up the mortal world in its natural form. Since the beginning of mankind, Elementals have risen up and served to fight for what they believed in. Using the powers of the natural world, they've made legends and old wise tales into a reality. What has long been considered impossible to many, has become very possible to those who truly believe in their strength and who are perhaps making a difference in the world that is...

Elements Saga!!


"You know about me, my perspective and where I come from, because I have allowed you to."

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Mugendai, Azamuki
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