Darkness Approaches

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Darkness Approaches

Post by Sazu on Wed May 01, 2013 2:50 am

A Young man slowly walked through the gates of the school. His visible attire consisted of black jeans with grey stripes, a grey and white hoodie with the sleeve on the left arm rolled up to the elbow, Black Armlets with metal studs, a black and red backpack (one strap) and a black hat with red skulls. His dark brown hair was lit up by the red streaks of dye, hiding his eyes.

He looked around slowly, gazing at the building. In truth, he was lost. But being an introvert, he refused to speak to anyone for help, unless spoken to. He couldn't help it. The only people he spoke to over the past few years were the new family he had gained through training. He began to reminisce on the training and the reason he had come to the school.

He walked towards a bench and sat down, pulling out a piece of paper with his schedule. A soft sigh exited through his lips, as he slipped in his earbuds and began to listen to his music. He swiftly flipped his finger over the phone, going through the playlist, until he chose something to listen to: Tyler The Creator. Dark music. He liked it.

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