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Post by Cuddlebear Cassandra on Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:54 pm

Student Application

General Information
Name: Lisbeth Dollar
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Grade: Junior
Power: Telepathy

Power Information
Power Description: Lisbeth is able to tap into peoples' active thoughts, by either listening in on them or by implanting herself into them to communicate. She can only tap into conscious minds at a maximum distance of 30 ft. She is only able to communicate words or actions to people she has accessed, nothing visual, and with enough resistance she can be blocked from communication, but not from eavesdropping.  
Seal: Two earpieces on each of her ears to block out sounds she doesn't want to hear.
Drawbacks: If she's ever without either of her seals within a 100 ft radius of more than 5 people she starts to suffer from extreme headaches and has trouble focusing on any one thought, whether it's hers or somebody else's. Her head will also start to ache, even with the earpieces, if she tries to focus on more than one person at a time, and even more so if she tries to communicate to more than one at a time.

Hair: Light Red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'4"
Skin Tone: Fair, but creamy

Lisbeth Miyoshi.Yuiko.240.424114

Description Lisbeth is often in a very peppy mood. She really enjoys spending time around people, whether she is meant to be talking with them or not. She has a tendency to eavesdrop on people's thoughts and nose her way into other's business. She is usually able to act friendly towards anyone because she doesn't have to be scared of what others may think. She already knows. She won't, despite her friendly demeanor, refrain from using collected information against certain individuals that she may want a favor or two from.
Flaws Extremely nosy, often over dependent on her power for communication, occasionally grumpy from headaches.
Likes Humans, journalism, ice cream, gambling.
Dislikes Headaches, headaches, headaches.

Family/ Relatives: All deceased or missing.

Lisbeth was born to a family in debt. Her parents were both chronic gamblers that had managed to rack up enough debt to last a lifetime. The price was too high to be paid back by normal working means, so back-alley trades and bets were the only chance they had to make it back. By the time Lisbeth was four, her father had decided that everything was just too much and he disappeared, possibly to another country, possibly off the face of the earth. She was never told exactly what happened. With her father gone, her mother lost the will to continue trying to gamble her way to success and submitted herself to being an indentured servant of the 'loan company.' Lisbeth rarely saw her mother at home and had to figure out exactly how to live on her own.

School was a strange thing for her. She had a lot of trouble with English class, as she would almost always find herself getting distracted by thoughts inside her head. If she was ever required to write an assignment in class she would just give up from the start and hide in the bathroom until the period was over. Math was usually easy. If she was ever asked a question she would just hear the answer in her head. She never really did like school. There were too many distractions.

One day during her sophomore year of high school she decided to leave early. Her head was aching a bit and she just couldn't stand staying there. She managed to make it home just as her mom was walking out. Lisbeth felt it would be much more interesting to follow her mother than stay home. She pursued in secrecy, knowing very well that her mother would not want her wherever they may be going. She was led through an alley into a dirtier part of town than she was used to. The journey ended when her mother went through a plain-looking door in the side of a building. She followed.

The inside was mesmerizing. The air was thick with cigar smoke and there was an abundance of mostly naked women and tables made green felt surrounded with businessmen. Some people shot some strange looks her way. Clearly it was not normal for a child to be in here, but nobody outright told her to leave. She couldn't find her mother in the room, so she decided to go to an empty seat at a table. The people were playing card games. The rules were printed on the felt. She looked around at everybody. The people were betting money on themselves winning the game. It was so easy, though. She could tell just by looking at somebody how well they were going to do. She wanted in. "Can I play, too?"

She looked around the table, eagerly awaiting a response. The dealer pointed to a sign on the table putting the minimum bet at $50. She didn't have that kind of money... The man sitting next to her laughed a bit at her question and pushed a small stack of blue chips in front of her. They were $50 each. She was so grateful. She promised to pay the man back by the end of the day. She played a couple rounds. The game was simple. She could tell just by looking at the dealer whether she should bet or fold. The game continued until she had accumulated $1200. Before she could place her next bet, she heard the piercing sound of a gunshot in the room. Panic swept through her. Another shot, this time from a different spot. The dealer didn't seem afraid. He took all her chips and handed her some stacks of cash. She was told that she should probably leave. She paid back the man and made her way home. She didn't want her mother to know she was there. She would probably be restricted from returning.

It was late when she got home. She stowed her money in her drawer and fell asleep immediately. The following morning she awoke with a terrible feeling in her gut. She checked her drawer to see the money still safe and sound. She checked her mother's room. Empty. Her mother should be here sleeping right now. Maybe her mother just went somewhere else for the night. There was a knock on the door. She went to and opened it to see the mailman standing outside. He handed her two envelopes and left. One of the envelopes had a black border. She opened it up and read the letter. Your debt has been lifted. The other one had a large red seal pressed with the letter D.

After having read them both, she decided she was done here. She called the phone number provided in the second letter and agreed to the offer. Why not? She had nothing left here for her. It was only about three hours before a car stopped by her house and took her away to her new school.

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