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The world was relatively peaceful. All five great countries lived in peace and harmony. The countries of Hagane no Kuni, Naiya no Kuni, Enkai no Kuni, Honoo no Kuni, and Kumori no Kuni had not been at odds in years. That is, until Naiya suddenly ceased all trade with Hagane. The action was unprovoked and Hagane refused to allow it. The Daimyo of Hagane met with the Daimyo of Naiya to discuss the ordeal and a heated argument broke out. Inevitably, it resulted in violence with the guards of both Daimyo engaging in combat while the Daimyo of Hagane fled back to his country. On one side, the Daimyo of Naiya began rallying shinobi under the assertion that the other side had intended to kill him from the start. On the other side, the Daimyo of Hagane asserted that he had been invited in order to be assassinated, also rallying troops. Their stories contradicted one another and the other countries were left to choose a side or remain neutral. As the first shinobi war was beginning to break out, Enkai no Kuni refused to take a side. A whole year passed and the war continued to rage on with no end in sight, Enkai still keeping to itself throughout the tedious battles. Frustrated with Enkai's neutrality and hoping to possibly expand their territory for the war efforts, Kumori made a bold move against Enkai. An elite team of six shinobi were sent to assassinate their Daimyo. They would then take the opportunity to replace the slaughtered daimyo with one of their own, a shinobi they had already planted within Enkai as a spy when the war had first started.

However, their efforts backfired. The spy had been discovered ahead of time and had been tortured into revealing their intentions. As the team arrived, a shadow clone had been in place to act as a decoy. When attacked, it dispersed and the squad's position had been compromised. They were then attacked by a counter-squad who slaughtered five of the six shinobi. The sixth surrendered and was imprisoned to be held with the spy they had already discovered. With this attempt on the daimyo's life, Enkai was given a reason to enter the war and sided with Naiya and Honoo. The war became even more bloody for Naiya and Kumori as they struggled to hold their own against three powerful countries. Clearly losing the war and disgusted with their leader, the shinobi of Kumori started an uprising against their leader. A revolution was sparked and those loyal to the daimyo were defeated in a brief decisive internal war. With the daimyo overthrown and a new Republic implemented, peace was negotiated between Kumori and the Hagane alliance. Entering the war on the side of the alliance crippled Naiya severely, prompting their imminent surrender. With that loss, their country was conquered and divided among Hagane and Honoo.

With the liquidation of Nayai came what appeared to be peace, however, there was far more at hand than simple peace. By changing their form of government, Kumori started a chain reaction that would change the shinobi world forever. They became progressive and advanced beyond the other countries. Their Constitutional Republic was envied by some and despised by others. Having seen how powerful and simple a revolution could be, the shinobi of the other countries began to revolt as well. Although the series of revolutions were years apart. This period of time was deemed "The Period of Enlightenment" as it was the period of time in which shinobi became enlightened in other forms of government. They realized that they were not forced to remain under the rule of the daimyo and were able to take such matters into their own hands. Enkai became a monarchy in which the first leader, the Ouja, was elected and the first-born male of the family would become the next Ouja as to not require further elections as they believed that the genes of their first leader would be passed down to their descendants and the family would continue to produce Ouja appropriate for Enkai. Honoo became something of an elected dictatorship. The Dokusai, meaning dictator, held complete and absolute power but was elected by the people until death.

Hagane became a Republic similar to Kumori, though with minor differences. With these series of revolutions, the countries thought that there would finally be progress and that their countries would be able to thrive individually and make the world even better. However, that was simply not the case. Even though technology had seen a boom in potential, it was anything but peaceful. A second shinobi war erupted. Honoo invaded Kumori out of disdain for their difference. They believed that a dictatorship was the appropriate way to go and that by being different they were a flawed people. Motivated by ignorance as well as a need to expand their territory, the invasion was strongly supported by the people. Fearful that a second shinobi war would occur, the other countries decided to stay out of it and remain neutral. The war raged on for these two countries, however, and a group of rogues saw an opportunity. The Shikuken (Crimson Blades) infiltrated the capital of Honoo and killed the Ouja, the leader of Shikuken taking his place. The Shikuken now controlled and ruled Honoo and intended to use the country as a means of unifying the world as one, single government in which the leader of Shikuken ruled over all. Today, the war rages on and the other countries remain neutral. Who will win in this war? Who will interfere? Will anyone? What will become of the world? The future rests in the hands of you.
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