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Post by VampireInTheSky on Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:41 pm

Student Application

General Information
Name: Elizabella Juno Watts
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Grade: 12th
Power: Mediumship

Power Information
Power Description: Eliza can see, talk to and contact the dead.
Seal: A charm on a charm bracelet she has had all her life.
Drawbacks: Eliza can only talk to the dead if they want to be spoken to and she cannot touch them.

Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Amber
Height: 5ft 3
Skin Tone: Pale
Other: She has a tattoo of a rose on the top of her thigh, with petals falling down her leg until just below her knee. This is on her left leg.
Elizabella Juno Watts Elizab10

Description: Eliza is very cheeky. She loves to flirt with both men and women alike, and always likes to think she has one-up on people. She is not frightened of confrontation, nor is she frightened of talking to strangers. She is confident and outgoing, and most of the time friendly. However, do not get on her wrong side. When angry, Eliza can be a really nasty person.
Flaws: Eliza tends to speak without thinking and this can get her into many sticky situations. She is stubborn and fiercely independent, even when it puts her or other people's health and safety at risk.
Likes: Eliza likes to talk to people and have intelligent conversation. She likes to party and be sociable. However, she also likes her quiet time and being alone. Eliza loves reading as it provides her with an escape into a separate world, and she can write very well, but does not always make her talent public.
Dislikes: If there is one thing Eliza hates the most it is boring people. She cannot sit and have a boring conversation with someone or she will end up telling them they're boring. Eliza also hates being told what to do and having to follow rules.

Family/ Relatives: Unknown
History: Eliza always celebrated her birthday on the 1st January, simply because she doesn't actually know when she was born. She was dumped on the doorstep of an adoption home as a tiny child, and lived her life there until she was 14. The adoption home provided food, water and a bed to sleep in, but it didn't provide safety by a long shot. Eliza was constantly beaten by the carers and forced to do hard labour in exchange for food. She hated her life, and longed for the freedom she watched so many other people live with without care.
The only respite Eliza had were her two friends, Bonnie and John. Of course, they were dead, and Eliza knew that. But nobody else could see the ghosts and the wardens began to think she was crazy. The more she spoke about Bonnie and John and more beatings she found she had to endure.
When Eliza turned 14 on the 1st January, she made a decision. That night, after being beaten and whipped for dropping a plate, she packed a small bag and climbed out of her top floor bedroom window. It wasn't easy; Eliza had always been physically fit due the amount of work she did, but even she found it difficult to climb down until it was safe to drop to the floor. It wasn't long before she found some scraps of food on the floor and a little bit of shelter in a rubbish tip. She rested for an hour and continued, not sure what she expected to find or do when she found it.
After hours of walking, Eliza came to the city, and met Jodie, a ghost. She died when she was just 15, and became Eliza's best friend. Eliza did everything she could to help Jodie make a safe passage to the other side, and in return, Jodie told Eliza of Darks. Jodie made a safe passage over to the other side and Eliza made her way to the University, in a bid to get her life back and learn to harness her powers in the hope that one day she can live a normal life.

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