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Late Night Prowl... Empty Late Night Prowl...

Post by Jasper Wolf on Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:56 pm

Peering from a rooftop he found himself deep into his own thoughts, wondering what was next in his journey to retribution.... He knew it was and odd chance of ever finding the murderers who killed his parents but with the anger and hatred that coursed through his veins it was an unlikely situation he would ever stop his search.
As he smoothly guided his lucky sliver coin in between his fingertips in hopes of blocking out that day he couldn't help but notice a group of guys walking out of a local mall immersed deep in laughter which made him realize how long its been since he has last had or felt any emotion besides those which had tortured him for many years.....
He begun to grow stressed, also tired and finally decided to head back to his dorm until he heard a woman scream about her purse being stolen...and with his eyes plus view from the rooftops it wasn't hard locating the mugger within seconds, He really didnt feel like helping but he saw no one going out thier way to help so without hesitation he began to chase after him leaping from rooftop to rooftop uncaring if he was spotted by the stranger who was running through streets, and bumping into people he just playfully continued his pursuit until the stranger ran out of breath and turned into an alley. He knew the stranger spotted him he watched in the shadows as the mugger peered up at the buildings searching frantically....He smiled at the muggers fear as he pulled out his blade but lucky for the stranger he spotted the gleam from it on the building above him but it was to late....

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