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Post by Apocalypse on Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:35 am

Student Application

General Information
Name: Dylan Reid
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Grade: Sophomore
Power: Shadow/Darkness Manipulation

Power Information
Power Description: Dylan can create a dark substance, black with shades of grey swirling in it, by using the shadows around him as a conduit like a wizard does with a magic wand or staff.

Due to the lack of a better term, Dylan simply refers to the dark substance as the Darkness. The Darkness can be manipulated into any shape that Dylan wishes, it's strength, speed and toughness determined by how much energy Dylan uses, with it being similar to a thick sludge in it's weakest state and as hard as steel at it's strongest. (Can get stronger if Dylan improves overtime.)

Changing the shape of the Darkness and moving it without physically interacting with the Darkness consumes energy, shaping the shadows into a object and keeping it in that form however, does not.
Picture here:
Dylan Reid (Complete) Tattoo-designs-7
The seal is located on his back, the sides stretching from the middle of one of his shoulder blades to the other and bottom reaching the middle of his back.
Drawbacks: Creating Darkness in large amounts will cause Dylan to tire out quickly and faint if he passes his limits.

Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'7''
Skin Tone: Slightly pale
Dylan Reid (Complete) Cuteboy5

Description: Dylan is a confident and outspoken person, he speaks whatever comes to his mind and deals with the consequences later, due to this, he can sometimes come off as a rude person. Dylan can be quite lazy at things that do not interest him but quickly becomes very active and focused when something does catch his interest, such as fighting or when trying something new.
Flaws: Will speak before thinking things through at times.
Likes: Fighting and anything related to it, trying new things, the shade
Dislikes: People not speaking up for themselves, bullies, Ethan Browne

Family/ Relatives: Father, Mother(deceased)
History: Dylan's mother died giving birth to him, his father never tried looking for another spouse, preferring to focus on raising his son.

In school, Dylan often got into brawls with other children, mostly for childish reasons. Through this, Dylan found that he enjoyed fighting, developing an interest in learning martial arts. He often begged his father to let him join nearby martial arts schools.

However, after spending some time learning a style, Dylan found that he disliked how it restricted him to only a few forms and ended up dropping out and trying different styles.

Dylan also found that he had an immense hate of bullies, he didn't really know why, perhaps it was just natural, in any case, Dylan didn't mind it, not one bit. He would have been horrified if he enjoyed watching someone being bullied, it just wasn't right to him. Consequently, Dylan's brawls were now focused against local bullies, standing up for the victims and also telling them to stand up for themselves more.

Life went on in this fashion for Dylan, with him learning various forms and fighting styles from the many schools that he joined and often quit after a period of time. Through his fights with bullies, Dylan discovered that various techniques learned from the schools were not as effective as they were said to be, leading to him fine-tuning the techniques and removing excess movement.

One day, the bullies had had enough of him messing with their fun and bruising them, armed with various weapons secretly taken from home, the bullies ganged up on him one day. Outnumbered and at a disadvantage, Dylan was on the ropes, frightened and enraged at the same time when it happened. The shadows of the alley they were fighting in released a black, smoke-like substance that somehow looked solid and gaseous at the same time, hints of grey swirling in it, the substance reacted to his emotions and formed demonic claws, slashing and tearing the bullies to shreds. Dylan was horrified by the sight and turned to run away, only for him to collapse on the ground and pass out as his energy was drained by the feat.

Waking up in a room that Dylan recognized as a hospital unit, the forteen year old was immediately greeted by his father and a doctor. The doctor explained that Dylan was special, he was gifted with a power and that he had to attend a school named Darks University in order to master his power and make sure that he wasn't a threat to society. Left with no other choice, Dylan entered Darks University halfway through his freshman year. It was at Darks that he met Ethan Browne and instantly developed a mutual, passionate dislike for one another.

By the time Dylan's Sophomore year began, he had a much deeper understanding of his powers, things like the fact that creating the dark substance was the energy consuming part of his powers, that he could control it's movements with some focus, that he could control how strong the substance was, making it as tough as steel at the cost of some energy. The best part was that he could store large amounts of the dark substance within him and release it from any part of his body.

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Dylan Reid (Complete) Empty Re: Dylan Reid (Complete)

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