Searching for the Unknown

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Searching for the Unknown

Post by Conlon on Thu May 03, 2012 11:47 pm

Warren just finished his classes for the day, and not willing to go home to early. He sparked the idea of venturing around school grounds a bit, he wanted to see what the deep basement was all about. He walked by himself for now, he could be spotted going down the stairs at a average pace not wanting to attract to much attention to himself.

He figured Darks had alot more to offer, then just average school with average classes. This was a school for the extraordinarily gifted there had to be more then meets the eye here. Warren just didn't what he was looking for, he just knew it was something. He took no weaponry with him, thought he wouldn't need it. If anything dangerous was to pop up his abilities would be more then enough. He reached the floor below the gym, it had dim lights and strange noises. It was full blown creepy, but this only sparked his interest even more.

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Re: Searching for the Unknown

Post by Guest on Sat May 05, 2012 1:35 am

Scary wisps of sounds and noises of shuffling scared Alfred witless. He was hidden amongst a dark closet deep underground in the school he just enrolled in. "Aw, man!" Al whimpered to himself, "I can't believe I let those guys trick me into this!! This is totally un-cool for a hero like me to be tricked by those, those - - - AHAHAHAHA!!! What's a hero like me doing getting all choked up on some snot-ragged kids?! I'm to cool and heroic for tha---" A loud shuffling noise echoed through the room, causing Alfred to squeal and hide in an empty box, huddling to himself for dear life.


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