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Civilian Application
General Information
Name: Masato Hiromasa
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Class/ Facility: Civilian
Power: Masato has the power of Light Manipulation.

Power Information
Power Description: Masato has the power to generate, manipulate and/or absorb light particles. The way Masato utilizes these powers is that he can control light: electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye and which is emitted and absorbed in tiny "packets" called photons. They can generate, bend, shift, focus, scatter and/or generally manipulate light to various degrees and effects.
Seal: Masato has a seal on the back of his neck in the shape of a Sun.
Drawbacks: If Masato takes his superhuman ability to it's limit he is greatly fatigued afterward and requires time to recuperate.

Hair: Yellow
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Skin Tone: White
Other: N/a.
The White Flash (Complete & Edited) Masato10

Description: Masato has always been a kind and caring man ever since he was a young child he always looked at the more positive side of life. He is the type of individual that would put his own life on the line to protect those he cares for. Masato has always believed that the bonds we share with one another are what make us strong, and we use those bonds to become a better person.
Flaws: Masato's care for those around him can often times make him biased against individuals he does not know, his selflessness can often times can have a tendency to put his life at risk.
Likes: Masato finds the more positive things in life to enjoy. Spending time with those he cares for, simply enjoying a nice meal with his peers. Masato also reflects on nature as he believes it makes him more spiritually in tune. Masato also has a tendency to let his inner child come out and occasionally play jokes on his students and fellow teachers, jokes that of course did not cause harm. Masato also enjoys various forms of literature.
Dislikes: Out of the many things that Masato does like there are a few things he dislikes. Beginning with individuals that have given in to a more darker perspective on life and are too blinded by their own troubles to see the better things in life. Another thing that Masato dislikes is indecisiveness as it never gets anyone anywhere. Though as much as he dislikes the above he also tries to help open a brighter perspective on life when confronted by a similar individual.

Family/ Relatives: Masato's parents died when he was a boy though he was adopted by two loving parents, Suki Kazuya and her husband Noriko Kazuya.
History: Masato's history begins one night in a Town called Shirozaki where he first gave breath emerging from his mothers womb on their large red velvet decor bed. Masato's biological father Joben Hiromasa and his biological mother Oki Hiromasa were ecstatic when he was born as they had wanted a child for years but were unsuccessful in every attempt. Masato's parents had named him after Justice as they carried strong ideals in that field, his father served as a local Police Officer and his mother was a decorated soldier. One fateful morning while Masato's mother Oki and father Joben headed out in their car to visit the local market and buy some food and clothing for Masato and their family, left the market to continue back to their lovely Home in Shirozaki but as if in the blink of an eye were ambushed by a local gang known as the 'Gesuido Nezumizan'.

The thugs had cornered their car enabling no escape route as one of the women that appeared to be the leader broke the car window to unlock the front door. She had aimed a gun at Joben and Oki who pleaded for her to not hurt them as they had a son and would give any amount of funds to the thugs, the woman with cold orange calculating eyes looked at them as if they were animals and aimed her Silenced M1911A1 Pistol at Joben's head and fired off a single bullet without hesitation, as Oki screamed knowing her fate was soon to be brought upon her the woman with the orange eyes repeated the same action and both Joben and Oki were shot and killed instantaneously. The orange eyes woman then scavenged the car with Masato's murdered parents and stole anything of value.

It wasn't until a few hours that the doorbell rang and Masato answered the door anxious to see his father and mother while engulfing them in a big hug, however it was not what Masato had expected. The local Police Chief of Shirozaki looked down at Masato, the boys innocent bright blue eyes widened as he sensed something was out of place. Suddenly the Police Chief introduced himself as Chief Shin and pulled down his police hat while he let it rest gently amongst his chest and informed Masato of the news, that his parents were found dead in their vehicle. Masato being only five years old did not know how to respond to the news, he just let instinct take over as tears flowed down his eyes then his face and he engulfed Chief Shin with a hug letting out a loud mournful cry of sadness. After the unfortunate news was told to the five year old Masato the Police Chief informed him that he would be transitioning to an Orphanage located in the City of Ichidou as he could not live alone at such a young age without anyone to take care of him. Ichidou was miles away from Shirozaki, Chief Shin personally helped Masato gather his belongings and drove him all the way up to the City of Ichidou in his Police Vehicle.

The Orphanage was known as The Sakura Orphanage and was home to many orphan boys and girls some that experienced similar tragedies as Masato. As Police Chief Shin helped Masato get settled in to his new Home, the boy began to succumb to negative emotions as reality finally hit Masato. During Masato's first few years in Sakura Orphanage the boy was very distant and cared little for his peers, thoughts of revenge and anger filled the young boys heart. Even worse he was losing all control and could not even keep his grades in Elementary School at a decent level of intellect, it was as if the Masato that once lived in the young boys body was now replaced by a demonic presence. Masato had began developing a relationship with some of Sakura Orphanage's worst crowd and had pulled mean pranks and bullied his fellow peers. It wasn't until Masato's early middle school years that he finally met someone that would change his life forever.

One evening while Masato was resting in his bed, he heard commotion as some of the new Orphans pulled in to the Sakura Orphanage. Bored and not aware of what to do Masato decided to see the newcomers, he had met a girl as old as Masato's age. She introduced herself to Masato as Cho Azami, she was an attractive young girl with glistening auburn hair and bright purple eyes. Eventually Masato started associating himself more with Cho, soon the two would become close and share with them each others stories and how they ended up in the Sakura Orphanage. To Masato's surprise her story was not very different then his own. Cho had informed Masato that her parents were murdered in an alley right here in the City of Ichidou. It had opened Masato's eyes to the fact that perhaps he was no different then anyone else in the Sakura Orphanage and he wasn't the only one suffering from a traumatic experience involving death. It was amazing how quickly the discussion changed the entirety of Masato's perspective. Over the next year Masato had begun making up for his past actions against his fellow peers with the help of Cho Azami. Then one morning a middle aged couple arrived at the Sakura Orphanage seeking to adopt a child. Cho Azami was selected and she gladly accepted. Before Cho Azami left the Sakura Orphanage she asked Masato to remember her and the time they spent together, she said goodbye with a kiss on Masato's lips, he blushed as she walked towards the door, a feeling of sadness gripped his heart but the sadness was soon turned to happiness for his dear friend Cho Azami, she deserved a family and with but a smile the two said farewell. The newly enlightened Masato Hiromasa had been much more positive then the old version and he began participating more in activities and paid more attention in school. It was only a few months later that another couple had arrived, little did Masato know he would become part of a new family. The middle aged couple arrived at the front door and immediately noticed the light illuminating from Masato as he was helping his fellow peers. The couple introduced themselves to Masato as Suki Kazuya and Noriko Kazuya, they were both in charge of a productive farm known simply as the 'Kazuya Farm', many of the denizens in Ichidou City relied heavily upon their trade. They were trying to have children for years but were not successful and Suki discovered eventually that she was unable to give birth and so the couple decided to adopt a child. After Suki and Noriko Kazuya introduced themselves to Masato he politely returned the favor by telling them his story, they were impressed at how well he reacted as a bright smile shone on his face. The two had informed Masato that they would like to adopt him, when he heard the news joyous tears streamed down his face as he engulfed his new family with a hug.

Masato had learned how to better be in touch with the nature surrounding him after a few hardships of helping run a farm, Suki and Noriko would often times discover that Masato was on the nearby hilltop meditating on his surroundings. Overtime Masato learned how to properly manage a farm, then one afternoon while Masato was meditating he felt a strange but uplifting sense of power, as he opened his eyes his entire body was shrouded in a light aura. Masato's immediate reaction was that he jumped out of his meditation position and ran around the hill completely dumbfounded and frightened of what was happening to him. However the more times the incident occurred when Masato would go out meditating the less he reacted foolishly and the more he was intrigued with what was happening to him, even at school he would often times drift off in wonder. Eventually Masato knew he would have to reveal his gifts to Suki and Noriko his adopted parents, when Masato built up enough courage to confess this to Suki and Noriko he demonstrated his gift, at first the reacted similarly to as he did when he first discovered his gift but then they accepted Masato's gift and came to understand it was in the right hands. Overtime Masato developed a better sense of his gifts but grew lonesome and questioned if he was the only one that had such capabilities. Then one fateful day as Masato was walking down the alley to the market he was confronted by a masked figure that had a letter engraved in a fancy envelope, Masato questioned this individual that served as a courier but as quickly as Masato opened the letter the strange figure disappeared as if it was an apparition of some source. Inside the envelope contained information regarding a University known as Darks University and contained people like him in some context. They offered not only an opportunity to better understand one's powers but also an education. The letter was from a 'Headmaster' addressed specifically to Masato. Masato rushed immediately to his adopted parents and informed them he was accepted into a School that was suitable for himself, he did not want them to know more about Darks University as it may cause widespread paranoia and it was a risk Masato did not want to take for the sake of those outside the University Walls. Suki and Noriko had always been understanding parents and though they would miss Masato dearly also knew it would be for the best. Masato rented a Taxi from the local Ichidou City taxi Service and packed up his things while engulfing his parents in a graceful hug, as the three of them said farewell he drove off and followed the directions on the letter. The Taxi had arrived at a City known as Megiddo City, however the ride did not stop their, this had at least provided Masato knowledge that a City was available should he need important supplies. Suddenly the Taxi finally stopped as Masato exited the Vehicle he took a moment to admire the beauty of the University.

Suddenly before Masato knew it he was inside the building, he looked around and it was full of people, some older then him others around his age and even a few younger students, he even caught a glimpse of some individuals flaunting their powers. Shortly after his brief perspective on the interior of the University he was escorted by an older man to his own Dorm, it was astonishingly graceful. There was a young man in Masato's dorm, Masato introduced himself to his roommate. The young man was named Karasu and he was rather different then Masato, he carried about him a darker presence and lacked any enthusiasm. On Masato's first day he was rather nervous but time had flown by quicker then he predicted. This would serve as Masato's new home during the next years of his teenage life. Masato was always a very positive person but he also had a more energetic side and enjoyed playing pranks on his fellow students, many questioned if he had the potential to utilize his powers. Overtime the perspective on Masato's fellow students towards him would change greatly and eventually Masato would become a prodigal student in Darks Academy. He had developed a dream to one day teach his own class under his favorite subject which was Physical Education. Masato earned the nickname The White Flash by his ability to move around quickly and call forth the power of light, Masato's personality also played a major role to the title. Finally when Masato graduated from Darks University he decided to leave for a few years and catch up with his family while using that time to further train his abilities during his own time. Upon returning Masato had applied for a position as the new Physical Education, but no faculty jobs were available at the time; instead, he settled down in Megiddo City, where he could support the University, it's faculty and students if ever he were needed.
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