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Student Application

General Information
Name: Mark Echo
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Grade: Freshman
Power: Compatibility

Power Information
Power Description: When Mark touches his natural element, which is water, his eyesight weakenss but he gains in strength and speed. His speed triples, his strength doubles, his hearing improves giving him a slight advantage to his foes.
Seal: Bar code behind his neck and on his left wrist, with the numbers "00 00 00 01" and H20 writen on his shoulder, a birthmark sort to speak.
Drawbacks: While he gains in speed, strength and hearing, his eyesight weakenss, sometimes he becomes blind at that time. This is when his both eyes turn pitch white, even tho one of his eye is white when the ability isn't activated, he can see. Anyone that sees that can notice that he is different and maybe possibly even dangerous.

Hair: Silver
Eyes: Right eye white, left eye black.
Height: 6'2" inches
Skin Tone: Fair
Other: He wears a cross necklace around his neck, never taking it off, it is a symbol that he respects and believes in.
Mark Echo (Finished, Re wrote) Anime_12
Mark Echo (Finished, Re wrote) 50809010

Description Mark is a very distant person and is hard to talk to at first. Living his life he hardly ever spoke to anyone, trust was the key thing that would make him open up to a person, yet he was always unable to find a person that didn't try to harm him, this is why he lives with a constant fear of somebody trying to take him down. Yet this is the reason why he loves his ability, when sight fails his hearing won't, he thinks that his ability is a gift but at the same time a curse.

Yet if someone breaks the wall to his heart and becomes his friend, Mark is very protective and will die for anyone that is worth it. He isn't afraid of death. If death comes he will accept it without hesitation. For now, he has nothing worth living for, he is like a walking ghost.
Flaws At first Mark will try to push away anyone that tries to break the wall around his heart, he won't be mean, but he will often avoid eye contact and try not to speak a lot. He won't avoid the person that is talking to him, but he will try to avoid any emotional connection with anyone, for their safety.
Likes Freedom ; Sound ; Seeing someone smile
Dislikes Darkness ; Seeing someone get hurt ; Seeing someone cry

Family/ Relatives: Deky "02" ; Sarah "03" ; Chrome "04" ; Eliot "05"
The files about Mark's history have been burned a long time ago, to hide his true identity. Mark is the new generation of "soldiers" used by the goverment to contain people that are using powers, ofcourse Mark is one of the many created. The bar code on his wrist and neck are indentification, "00 00 00 01" is his code, he is the first soldier created. The first generation are marked like Mark, the first two digits. Subjects "00 00 00 01" to "00 00 00 05" have feelings, including Mark. The main purpose of the soldiers were to kill or capture ability users, yet they shouldn't have emotions. The first 5 subjects created all had emotions, that is why the goverment though that they were unstable. They shared similar abilities, Mark "01" was connected to water, Deky "02" was connected to fire, Sarah "03" was connected to nature, Chrome "04" was connected with shadows and Eliot "05" was connected to energy.

They all had different abilities, personalities and goals, they were clones yet they protected each others. Mark was always over protective, but he also had strong feelings for Sarah, even tho he knew Sarah never will feel the same way, it didn't mather to him. The necklace that Mark wears today was a gift from Sarah, to thank him for saving her life once.

As the Generation 1 became rouge and wanted to start a new life, they were hunted like dogs. Eventually the goverment would locate the clones and try to take them out, so they don't reveal what they truly are...

As Mark, Eliot and Chrome were running through the forest it became clear that they weren't going to make it out alive. Gun fire was heard from long distances as bullets went through the trees, they became aware of how the situation was dangerous. "Sarah and Deky are safe Echo, what's our plan now?" Chrome spoke as he ran the same speed as Mark and Eliot. "Okay.. You guys catch up with them, I will stay back and hold them off." Mark said, one of the bullets made it's way and passed right next to his left shoulder. Eliot and Chrome were shocked. "There is no way we are leaving you behind!" Eliot yelled out, the mixture of emotions made him angry by Mark's statement, they always looked out for each other, and this is what he though of? "Eliot! This isn't the time for this! Run!" Mark stopped in his tracks, facing his enemies that were following. He slightly turned his head as Eliot and Chrome stopped. "But-" "Go! Meet with Sarah and Deky!" Chrome tapped on Eliot's shoulder. "Come on.. Let's go.." Eliot was shocked, he moved his look at Chrome, he was angry. "I'm not leaving him behind!" "Eliot! You have to live.. You have to protect Sarah for me.." Mark smiled softly, Eliot looked at Mark, he looked at the man that he trusted more than anyone. Mark's words were echoing throughout his mind. Eliot then nodded turning to the opposite direction, where they were heading. "You are my brother.. I hope to see you again soon." Eliot then started to run towards Sarah and Deky's position. "There has to be another way.." Chrome said his look was slightly towards the sky, it was cloudy and it was almoust going to rain. "Chrome, protect them. You were always a great leader. And whatever you do, never look back, only move forward.." Mark said as he turned his look towards the enemy troop that was advancing. "There they are!" One of the soldiers yelled as they located Mark and Chrome. At that point Chrome turned around and started to run, following Eliot's tracks. "Good luck, my dear old friend.." Chrome said to himself as the soldiers surrounded Mark.

Sarah and Deky were waiting at the other side of the forest, Sarah's hazel eyes were looking towards the forest, fearing that they weren't coming. Deky sat on the ground as he waited for them, if it was up to him, he would leave them all behind. Eliot then appeared, Sarah was happy to see him. "Where are Chrome and Mark?" She asked still worried. At that moment Chrome appeared behind Eliot. It started to rain. Eliot and Chrome ran as fast as they could to get to Sarah and Deky. "Where is Echo?" Deky asked, he was a bit curious, not showing that he cared or anything. "We should go.." Sarah grabbed Chrome's arm. "Where is Mark?" At first it was strange, she never did call him Mark.. At that point they could hear gun shots from the forest, moment's latter they heard Mark scream in pain. Eliot grabbed Sarah's wrist. "We have to go!" "Mark!!" Sarah screamed as tears ran down her face, she was struggling, she wanted to go back and help him. "Look at me! Sarah! We have to go!" Sarah struggled for a bit longer before she accepting the situation. Deky, Sarah, Eliot and Chrome continued to run as far away from the forest. From that point forward, they though that Mark was dead, but Sarah would think about him every night, she would dream him.. She never really did accept that Mark was dead, she though, that if she thinks that he is still out there somewhere, maybe it is true.

Mark was surrounded by enemy soldiers. "Surrender!" One of the soldiers yelled, their guns were pointed towards Mark. He looked at them, as it started to rain. The drops of rain woke his inner curse, the one thing that got him in this situation, his ability. His eyes were pitch white, his eyesight was gone, all he could rely on was his hearing, speed and strength. "I'm not going down without a fight. So get ready..." At that point, Mark slightly moved his leg, it alerted the commander. "FIRE!" At that command eight of the soldiers fired in the same time, Mark avoided several bullets, but one of them hit his shoulder. It made him scream, he moved with flickering speed hiding behind a tree. "Don't let him get away!" The soldiers spread out in groups of two, looking for him, they were walking with caution, looking in every tree, behind every bush. Mark's heart started to race as his wound started to bleed. He then took a deep breath, as he concentrated to hear their footsteps, it was easy, only by sound he could draw their positions and movements in his mind, it was like he had his eyes, but he couldn't be 100% sure that the images in his mind were accurate. "Here I go.." he whispered to himself, as he moved with flickering speed, around the area, making the enemy shoot around them, hitting trees, bushes, at the point they were close to shooting each others." Hold your fire!" They all stopped shooting, the commander grabbed his knife, he looked around, at that point Mark striked the soldiers that were a few meters away from the commander, in a second or two, isntantly two soldiers fell to the ground, their neck was broken in a milliseconds, that was Mark's true speed. Their necks cracked in the same time which spread fear around the soldiers, they all were scared, what if they were next? Mark then grabed the commanders knife, right in frond of him, and moved to the closest soldier, cutting his neck, then he dissapeared, throwing the knife, hitting a soldier in the head. They both fell to the ground, as Mark was lurking in the shadows, soon, only the commander remained, the commander started to run, falling back, he was scared, every sound he heard was magnified, but he could clearly hear his heartbeat the most. "Well.. Let's end this.." Mark came infront of the commander, in flickering speed he grabbed his neck and lifted him up, the commander struggled, kicking and trying to free himself, but it was no use, Mark's cold white eyes looked at the commander, even tho he couldn't see him, he smiled softly. "This will only take a second.." At that point, Mark broke the commanders neck and threw him to the side, the commanders body hit the nearest tree. At that point, Mark knew that he had to hide. He then ran with flickering speed, moving through the area with ease. He couldn't go back to his friends, it was too dangerous.

A month latter, Mark went to the Academy. Mark was created to destroy this place, but he didn't want to do that, he wanted to create a new life, this was the only way to keep his friends and Sarah safe. Mark swore that he will destroy all of the goverments soldiers, only the First Generation will remain, the only generation that will show the world that they deserve a place on this world.

Note: I changed my character a lot, giving him a lot detailed background and origin.
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Beautiful, as before. Approved.
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